Oktubre 18, 2018

I am confident to say
that the topic of
will be a timeless
question and subject
to discuss.

One of the main thing
a person must do in
order for him to be rich
is be able to make his
money work for him.

That’s why “buying stocks”
on stock markets
becomes very ideal move
to many as they basically
believes that once you
put your money on that
it will unfailingly increase
your money’s value as if
it will assure you’re
gain profit which
is a bit overwhelming.

Because here is my basic
understanding on buying
stocks and diving into
stock market, when
you buy stock you spend
a money and the value of
the stock you bought needs
time to increase its price
in order for you to gain
profit, sometimes the
“waiting time” takes a
long time and sometimes
in just a short span of
time the increase of
value to your stock is

What’s driven to the
fall and rise of the
value depends on many
factors, like the stability
of the company, their
current issue facing on,
their relevance value etc.

But before that what
you must have if you want
to be in this game is you
must have a large amount
of money that you can
also basically afford
to stock it, freeze it
and be able not to use
it or spend it then still
be able to live a quite
normal life. Because like
what I said in stock market
you must always be monitoring
the stock you have because
a moment of changes whatever
it maybe could have some sort
of effect to the changes
of your stock value.

To say it simple stock market
business is a game for people
who have plenty of money already
or to people who can we say
on the level of “RICH” status.

Now this article is what
all about, to remind you
the other more important
richness you have that are
far more valuable than money
that you might not utilizing
it’s full potential or aimlessly
investing it.

I put up a acronym ATE or in
Tagalog language it translate
to say SISTER but no any connection
about it, however let me start
discussing it.

First is…

“A” Attention-
More richer and valuable than
money is your “A” as in
“Attention” or you can call
it your thoughts, focus or
what you’re thinking etc.
Whatever consume in your
mind and heart those stuffs
are having your attentions,
either you put your attention
that makes you feel good or
bad your mind and heart will
process it. Attention is
also like a money you can
spend it to the stuffs that
generate profit or spend
it to something that give
no value the big difference
of attention is that for
me it is your driving force
to make your dreams comes
to reality which is not always
possible to money, on other
study it is being said that
your attention has a big
connection on how you
attract events, people and
stuffs in your life, attention
could be use to cure or
make yourself vibrantly healthy
if attention is being spent
on worth while thoughts like
for example thoughts that
makes you feel good.

Many of us taken for
granted the relevance of
spending or investing
our attentions, we thought
since it is inborn to us
and it is free we’re being
passive on giving it away
as we thought it is okay but
it is not, if being a wise
money spender is necessary to
be financially stable it is
also highly applicable on
giving your attention not just
about being stable financially
but on well-being.

Second is…

“T” Time
Which is almost identical
on “A” Attention. We all do
heard the cliché saying of
“Time is Gold” because the
difference of Time to Attention
is that we don’t have much control.

Time is always going forward,
it is always going to the next
so once you are caught up on
one particular activity and
at the middle of it you wanted
to shift or make a U-turn it
will be very taxing, not just
a waste of resources but of
course obviously waste of time.

Once the particular amount of
time is wasted it is already
wasted, no much chance to
recycle or to tweak it. You
cannot go back on yesterday
date and make things right,
reason why Time is more richer
than Money because money
cant buy back time, money
only can buy the time that
is not yet being spent but
experience and moments per se
never possible to be bought
not unless you bought the
person together with it
then that can be possible.

Due to this now it makes
very sensible why Planning
ahead and studying is very
crucial, because thru this
you can minimize the possible
chance of wasting your time
on investing it to something
that is irrelevant to what
you want.

The difference of Attention
from Time is that there are
some Attention that you can
reverse the effect or adulterate
it if you change some sort
of your belief or perspective
from there you could see
it in different light
but not in time, you cannot
take it back, the only thing
you can utilize are the stuffs
that you’ve produced during those
moment you spent.

Some people say that the
younger you are the better for
you to know how or where to
invest your time which is
I don’t disagree but it doesn’t
necessary means it’s too late
for old folks because life
could make your 1 year feels
like a month and vice versa,
what I mean is that in the end
its how you live life, of course
amount of time that is well
invested can result much higher
quantity and quality of richness
but what really counts is how
you enjoy those richness? So
it is not about who’s old and
who’s young nor who gain more
or less, Good life is not about
being superior to others it is
being free from insecurity and
being able to live harmoniously
with others.

That’s why this is not just about
spending time to what you
want to do but equally important
on spending your time with the
people you want to be with.

Third and final richness is…

“E” Energy

How do you spend or invest your
physical energy as of this
very moment? are you spending
it wisely or draining the
very ounce of energy you have
left? Energy is more richer
than Money because without
energy you cant fully enjoy
what you earned. Not all
who have long time enjoy
it because some of them
lack in energy. Even a rich
old man will give his all
richness if he can even
have the energy of a young
man have, however you can
be the old rich guy who
have the energy of a young
lad if you also invest your
energy wisely by taking care of
it and like spending money
you must think of spending
your energy by gaining
energy in return like
profit rather than spending
your energy to something
that damage or decrease the
regeneration cycle of your
energy on the future.

So there you go, the
ATE, the three richness
that is more valuable than
money that you have.

Be smart on investing it,
maybe you’ll not become
a billionaire but if it is
invested smartly you’ll
absolutely will have
a good life.

That’s the point after all
right? to have a good life
because not all billionaire
have a good life but most
of people who have the good
life are not mostly a billionaire.




Oktubre 18, 2018

From left to right: Jonathan Dela Cruz, Atty Trixie Aneles (Wohoo), RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy, Conrado Banal and Jojo Robles
Photo credit to the owner


Like what I said before
I never been a fan of
listening into radio programs
except to the Ka. Totoy Talastas
Liwanagin natin Radio commentary

Sad to know that Ka. Totoy already
retires last 2016 at the age of 88
years of age.

So I try to find some
kind of radio commentary program
that have the same format of
ka Totoy where he tackles the
current events in the Philippines
because as an OFW, listening
to someone who disecting the
thrending news in the Philippines
makes me feel at home at least
for a while…
and ease my homesick as I am away
from my two kids and family.

So it’s fortunate for me that
last November of 2017 someone
share a clips in a youtube
about the blogger RJ Nieto aka
Thinking Pinoy joined the panel
of new radio broadcaster, in some
way I can connect to TP or Thinking
Pinoy because I myself is a blogger
too and got interested how he can
participate to the professional journalist.

I am amused to what I seen and from
that time as everyday I have a chance
to surf the internet I tried to
find a new clips of TP with these
radio commentaries, I got really
hooked to them so I googled those
two old cats that seems been in
the news business for a long time
and from there I knew their name.

Jojo Robles as the news anchor
and his buddy Conrad Banal, I had
a chance to view some of their old
clips and also read some of their
article column like to Jojo Robles
he was before writing in Manila Standard
the Lowdown and now he is into
Manila Times while Conrad is a bit
rare on writing because the last time
he published in his column in Inquirer
is last February of 2018 or maybe
I just need to google more…

At first I thought I was amuse
on the radio program because of
TP but eventually I realize that
TP just introduce to me this
two folks who’s exactly what I
am looking for, they are both
authentic and still got the enthusiasm
to do what they’re doing, I like
their wit, the style and
the combination of their vocal
modality blends well though
the voice of Conrad reminds me
a bit of Ka. Totoy Talastas.

The good thing is that they
eventually made their own
youtube account and posted their
radio show program, that is
a very brilliant idea because
OFW’s like me can watch it
as we find a free time for it.

I say whoever you put into
Karambola will be great but
as they include TP in the show
it gave them a boost and exposure
to many Filipinos who are fed-up
on traditional media and wants
to hear people like them.

I have a metaphor that Karambola
is like Manny Pacquiao meet
Freddie Roach, because both of
them is like finding the missing
piece form each of them and
as a result they made a spectacular
journey in boxing world.

But if you asked me now
who’s Manny Pacquiao between
TP and Karambola team? It’s
hard to answer because in
social media world TP could
refer as Manny Pacquiao
but in journalism the two
old cats are heavy contenders
too. Eventually I found this
question less relevant to
answer, what’s good news
now is that we have a radio
show program that are doing their
best to give us a fair commentary,
and in somehow share us facts
about politics and current events
that seems to me
will make us smart.

So for that I give my salute
and highest regards
to Jojo Robles, Conrad Banal,
Jonat Dela Cruz, RJ Nieto aka
Thinking Pinoy, Atty. Trixi Cruz
Angeles (wooho!), Juener and to
all cast of Karambola team.

Mabuhay po kayong lahat!




Oktubre 12, 2018

For me what brought Conor into
stardom is his hype and overwhelming
confidence which is what
light-up the world of mix martial arts.

Remember Boxing have Muhammad Ali
and like many people we remember
his outstanding confidence, trash
talks and those entertaining antics
this side shows of Ali what adds
flavor and likewise made the boxing
sport so popular.

Not very far on mix martial arts
and Conor is like the Ali of this

Now let me dive into the
McGregor’s lost against Khabib
and my take on this is the
Notorious Conor McGregor must
go for another rematch or else

As a fan and if I play the role
of Conor’s PR Manager, for him
to stay in this game and
retain the solid credibility
he must go for rematch, from
that he can only reclaim himself
or else retirement is bitter but sweet
option for him on the long run.

The way Conor paint his
identity in this sports is that
he is not a man who is for the
money, he is for the glory, loyalty,
courage and honor. Whether this
is true or just an act the thing
is the only way for him to prove
this is for winning a rematch over
Khabib or much better make it
a 3 times battle, assuming Conor
will win on the rematch and Khabib
asked for a rematch too.

Other than rematch it will be
a risky choice for McGregor team
what the outcome will be on his

The mind game here is keeping
Conor’s reputation in tact if
he still plan to stay in this
game for quite a while.



Oktubre 12, 2018

The photo owns by RockyRivera.Wordpress.com- My Son cruising at the calm morning in Camelia Provence Bulacan


There are people asked me why
I bought house in Camelia?

It is too expensive and the
amount of money could build
far much better and uniquely
design as per my desire.

I agree it is really expensive
if I look into the house
but the thing is that why
I bought a house like that
is because it was established
in a very nice community.

Actually that’s part of the
sales pitch of Camelia, they
are not just selling the house
but the community is big
part of it.

In Camelia you’ll be convince
to have a quick run every morning
without being worried that you
are being mugged, as the security
is 24/7 and there are people
who are maintaining the place
to stay pleasant to the residence.

There are gardeners, garbage collector,
engineers and pest control who’s
servicing your places which
is of course part of the monthly
home owners fee.

I didnt really realize that
before not until these days that
my community has a big part
on building a home sweet home,
because your “home” is not
just what is inside of the four
corners of your house but also
what it is outside of it.

I am not saying that Camelia
is the perfect place to live
of course it is really depend
on person’s lifestly, but as
I owned a place here I fully
realize that the community
matters a lot.




Oktubre 12, 2018

Credit to photo owner


My take is this…

It is hard to say now.

The King been in a lot
of battles, from different
kingdoms as well and he
fairly did a good job.

He won a ring in Miami
and in Cleveland too.

Though on his land (Cleveland)
he didn’t able to repeat
it, as the mighty GSW
brutally buried Cavs
in a series sweep of
NBA Finals 2017-2018.

I can feel the kings
fatigue thru the
years of his career,
it is truly exhausting,
I cant imagine how
he can rejuvenate
back and be ready for
next season. No wonder
why millions of dollars
is reported that being
spent on his body
every year, sounds
absurd or ridiculous
but if you think about
playing professional
basketball for
lets just say 82 games
per year not including
the practices, exhibition
games and if your team
reach the semis then the
finals, just imagine
how much tension, abuse,
pain and probably minor
or semi-major injury
your body will take?

Not to mention the
mental fatigues
that will tax an
athlete, basketball is not
just a physical
game like most people
think about
the truth is that basketball
is absolutely a mind game
and a very brutal mind game
sometimes, the “mind game”
like trash talking are
not just end when the player
leave the court especially
to athletes like Lebron,
the media and other likes
are trolling him even his
personal life, some could
be related to piss him off
to the game or maybe just
fooling around.

So the million dollar
spent on his body alone
is not really something
a big thing as a matter
of fact it makes me think
that this is what most
athlete should realize,
not actually spending
that a lot of cash to
their body but put your
health as a top priority
because as cliché it might
sound but to all athletes
who are on the level of
Lebron they will all agree
on some point that their

“health is their wealth”

Nobody will sign-up
a player to the kind
of contract that Lebron
have if that athlete
is either fractured
or broken.

They want
someone who are tough
as hell and his arsenal
for battel are all still
sharp and available.

Every team
owner want to assure that
all of those gears and
weapons that are in
athlete’s arsenal will
be utilized and
guess what Lebron still
got all of that.

The way I see it from
a far is that the King
still got the
in tact arsenal
but he is just
not having the right
troops to be with in
order for him to succeed
another mission which is
winning another title.

So that’s why it is
hard to say now, maybe
even the King is not
sure and it could all
depend how it will turn
out to the kind of
team chemistry they have
and from there if it
works out a bit the king
can push the team for
a title but for him
to carry a team the way
he did in Cleveland is
something his fans would
like to see.




Oktubre 12, 2018

Saving is easy to say than
done and here is the 3 factors
that ruin your saving plan…


Whether this is coffee
or not, all of what
you eat are mostly
what ruins your budget.

If you will monitor
you’re expenses you’ll
notice that food
is one that ruin
your plan, it could
be a small thing but
if you summed it up
you’ll be overwhelmed
the amount you spend
to mere food itself.

Reason is because we
human either wants
pleasure or some sort
of comfort and one
of the source for that
is food. Also when
we wanted to celebrate
something whether it is
small or big occasion
we all do celebrate
by buying food, thru
food we express how
special the day is…


Another factor that ruins
your saving is buying cloths
that you really don’t need,
especially when we are being trap
to buy one when there is a
“sale” as we are having the
mentality of out smarting
the future, where we convince
ourselves that we must
buy now or else we will
miss the opportunity to take
advantage of this sale but
eventually you’ll realize
that the “sale” promo is
the one took advantage on
your purse.

Although it could also
be correct that in some
point of your life you
really need to buy a clothes
or a fair of shoes but
according to my experience
it happened to me very
rare and if I will buy
a cloths or shoes I’d prepare
to buy the high quality
brands because it is more
durable and will last longer
than the cheaper brands, now
there is an argument that
what if the particular
“high quality” brand is
on sale, do you think that
is a smart move to buy it?

For me personally I would
not, base to my own experience
most of the time that
high quality cloth that
is in promo sale that you
bought will most likely
end-up sitting into your
closet, waiting for that
right time to be summoned
and guess what most of
the time it is not getting
summoned because of your
need of replacement but
for you to send it as a
gift to someone.

Just like foods, cloths
give’s us pleasure, it
gives us that sense of
being relevant or outstanding
reason why shopping itself
has a potential to be
addictive and if you
don’t do something about
it this will definitely
ruined your saving strategy


For me you cannot
actually blame the
people who wants to
have latest, fastest
and/or advance gadget
be it phone, gaming
gears etc. because
in the tech world
advancement is really
fast and being the
person who’s on
the latest trend really
need to pay the price.

To some being in touch
to the latest trend
is necessary in order
for them to catch-up
or be ahead to their game
while others are just
catching-up for the sake
of pride and ego.

Which ever side you are
please do take note
that sometimes the
features of a particular
gear’s advancement are
manageable and still
the human skill is
still not yet irreplaceable
by today’s technology
so I would say skill
over your gears still
matter much.

Weighing your technical
advancement versus to your
financial income
must be put into
microscope in order for
you to decide where you’ll
draw the line of limitation
when and where you must
consider your spending.

On the final note, Please
dont make a mistake to
think that “Pleasure” is

We all do need pleasure
in life.

In fact this is
our birthright.

The thing
is that the way we
end up is also our
so indulging on so
much pleasure that will
put us on poor situation
is much like digging
your own grave and this
must not be the scenario.

Although to many it
already happened and
to some their on the verge
of it, please don’t
put yourself on that situation.

But also I will not shy away
to tell you that extravagant
pleasure are not for all too,
because for this to enjoy you
need to work for it which is
most of the time for people like
me the service of grand and simple
pleasure has the same taste
if you’ll think it through.



Oktubre 12, 2018

Credit to the photo owner


I found myself these days
sharing my amusement to our
Philippine Government Politics
and current events and I see
myself that this could be also
part of my genre as I continue
my enthusiasm in blogging and
for that I made a trip down
my memory lane and try to
find who was my model when
it comes to journalism and
political commentary?

That’s not hard to remember
because there is only one
that I really admired before
and that is Ka. Totoy Talastas
in his radio program
Liwanagin Natin

His wit, great knowledge in
history, law and the
modality of his voice sounds
pleasing into my earbuds even
though I don’t fully understand
what he is talking about plus
his musical introduction of
Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong
that made him outstanding for

I never see myself really
into radio except if the
person who’ll I’ll listen
too is Ka. Totoy, for me
other news radio reporter
sounds the same, monotonous
and it bores me.

I hope Ka. Totoy can made
some podcast about the
current event of Pres. Digong
this present days because
I am really interested what
he’ll say about it, thing
is that Ka. Totoy retires
on the year of 2016, the
way I see him on the photos
available on the Facebook
pages of him is that maybe
he needs to rest a bit, after
all he is 90 years old now
as I wrote this blog
because on 2016 he already
hit the mark of 88 years of

I don’t know what’s Ka. Totoy
health situation right now,
what I feel is that he still
got that enthusiasm as
journalist but maybe his
physical condition limits him
though like what I said podcasting
can be the answer, he can
do it at his home and it is
not necessarily need to be
on daily basis, he can record
a dozen of topics in one day
then rest for 3 to 5 days but
if his not interested at all
I can understand because I
was just a kid before and I
already hearing this man in radio
and reaching 88 years old
doing the same thing deserves
some rest.

Whether he come back again or
not he absolutely deserve a
salute and praises as he truly
made a good job as entertainer,
journalist and a radio news commentator
in politics.

Saludo sa iyo Ka Totoy!