Abril 29, 2017

I say for me this is like
a McDonalds fairytale
version of the Brothers Grimm.

For me the story is kinda
disturbing, uncomfortable
and sad… but movies itself
is good.

It looks to me that McDonalds
is a fruit of a person’s greed
for money and power, according to  the film.

I feel sorry to the original
McDonald brothers, people who
honestly serve people by
a quality foods.

I wish they are all okay and
I can feel the pain of that,
it is worst than the feeling
of being robbed.

I am just basing this
article to what I’ve saw
in this film and it said
that this is base to the
true story.

Ray Kroc died on the year
of 1984, January 14 at the
age of 81. I wonder how
he died and did he
enjoy as he become one
of the wealthiest man
in his time.

Ray Kroc said in the
film that how come
a 52 years old man
who’ve an sales man
of a milk shake etc. etc.
could end up being
this big? And he said
because of persistence…??

But I say that sounds inaccurate
and I would say
what brought him to top
where he been is his guts
and being heartless…

Sure persistence helps
and it involves in the
process but following
his guts the first time
he saw this mini restaurant
what opens this great
opportunity and being
heartless what allows
him to own McDonalds

I don’t have complain
on the movie, it is
well made for me.
Informative and naturally
entertaining as you’ve
watching how the
most iconic food chain
on the whole world
are being established.

This film is definitely
a recommended re-watchable
especially if you aim to
study the life of considered
successful (if you consider
Ray Kroc is) businessman
in Food industry.



Abril 29, 2017

We are almost at the
twilight zone of Playoffs
and as we will leave 2017
Season we are all having our
bets who will be the MVP of

Some say Russel, some hail
for Harden and few for the King…

It looks to me that our media
is trying to shape the mind
of fans that Russel should be
the MAN! as he is dropping
triple and quadruple double
in each every game plus
breaking records too.

But if we look into microscope
we will see closely that
what Westbrook’s doing is
almost typical to what Lebron
is doing.

award must goes to a player
that makes an impact to his
team and when I say “IMPACT”
it means a trip to Play-offs,
to Finals and/or Championship!

How many years we seen Lebron
landing into Playoffs? or forget
play-offs lets talk about
FINALS… Right 6 or seven I guess
right? So how about that for an
MVP? Well of course he did not
shoulder all those season by himself
I am aware that he been to plenty
of good players too but imagine
and think about it, would those
players his been with will be
at the Finals without him? its
kinda hypothetical question and
open for elaboration plus discussion
but for me I say without Bron
I am not sure those players who
been with him could reach the finals.

As I broaden my point of view
I can understand why Lebron’s
name is not that sounding in
the league because of “Lebron’s
Fatigue” I mean back in the Michael
Jordan era not all people are
glamorizing MJ especially on his
several last years in Chicago
not all people want the Bulls
to win over Jazz, not because
MJ is an asshole or whatever
but some people are just fed-up
on his greatness and I say this
day that could be the same thing
happening to Lebron too.

But for me as a fan of the game I say
give it to who deserve it! If
Lebron is the man give it to him!
So simple and easy for me the title
someone who made impact that cause
the team to have a ring period.



Abril 28, 2017

The most stupid move
a person will do to
his life is by secretly
surrendering to someone’s

Where he treat someone’s
opinion as some sort
of BIG THING! to him/her.

This happen when we
are a child we secretly
surrender to someone the
approval of ourselves,
and this people are the
teacher, friends, Pastor,
Elders etc.

I had no any issue on
giving respect and giving
value to the doctrine, advice
or discipline from our elders
or to our spiritual and intellectual
advisers but surrendering to
them the power of approval for
ourselves, where we base
our worth, happiness or success
is depended on what they will say
is for me it seems an disempowering trap.

Remember they are human too,
just like us. I don’t promote
rebellion but what I suggest
is remember the sayings of

“we are responsible to our own

Be in charge of your own life.

You the one who set your standards
not your gurus, they are there
to teach you the necessary skills
to live but they are not exist
to live your life for you but
you exist to live your own.

Yes it could cause you pain
by making mistakes but look
even you remain low level aware
citizen eventually you’ll deal
with this and I say why wait
on that day to come and suffer?
why we don’t just do our stuffs
for the betterment of the world?

We human are very fascinating beings
its better live it wild because
that’s what life suppose to be at
all. Avoid falling into traps but
if you already being caught by
this trap I suggest to take your
time, don’t force to shift from point
A to B, be soft, kind and gradual
to the moves until you took back your
power to drive your very own life.



Abril 19, 2017

I love writing and speaking,
I am a self proclaim Poet since birth.
But unfortunately didnt harnse
this gift in my early years,
I am more on paintings, drawings
etc. which eventually separate
our ways when the subject of MAPE
was not available anymore
in my curriculum in my highschool

Like many writers and poets
they had they own heroes.
I myself I admire Wayne Dyer
as he smoothly and in a cool
way explains, elaborate and
discuss things about life
ideally. Wayne Dyer died year 2015
August 29th, it breaks my heart
though I knew him from distance
knowing that he already
depart in physical world is
still being felt immensely, its
like knowing your favorite
rapper died and you know
that wildest dream where
maybe one day you can see
him face to face and have an
authograph is now only
could really happen in your dreams.

Of course there is Tony Robbins,
there is Abraham, Bob Proctor,
too sad Stephen Covey pass away
too as well Jim Rohn but I cant
find a guy like Wayne who have
this very calm factor, where
you enjoy listening to him
not just because of the content
of he is saying but because how
he deliver it. I thought
I could never find someon like
Wayne or close to him not until
I came to cross by someone named
Massad Ayoob.

I was in my research about firearms
because I am also planning to put
up a business about it, My friend
Maynard said that a good business to
someone is to do something
that you enjoy about, the thing
is not all the things we enjoy
doing generates income, so thats
the challenge find which one
that generate income and so far
putting-up a gunshop is very appealing
to me as I believe my father could
help me out to pull this off but
before that I need to refresh
and educate myself into the world
that I am going into.

Then yeah as what I’ve said I’d
watch one video of Mass (Massad)
about Shooting Survival and from
that I got interested to this
guy who talked very authentic and
enthusiastically then run him
into google/youtube then after
that I say I finally found
my Anchor/Icon. I am not saying
that I am replacing Wayne Dyer
in my Hall of Fame wall, he is
a bit in different channel now
though and will always be appriciated
and missed however I need somebody
who is still with me in physical
world to look up too, while Wayne
is someone I could look forward.



Abril 15, 2017

I say this is what
our society looks like
these days…

Humans are the reference
of robots but eventually
it looks like that
some of us are degrading
themselves and leveling
to the robot consciousnes 🙂

We use our fellowmen
just like a tool
and most of the time
we miss the fact that
they are human and
some of us ask why?
On this modern day
I say empathising
is a luxuirious thing
to do because as we
are programmed to
be in haste, chasing
dreams that are actually
fauxy even though
we are aware on that
but due to strong
codes that is ingrained
in our mind we are
just auto-piloting and
just going to the
flow… a flow where
we actually dont want
to go thru.

But the special features
of human is that we
can “choose” we can
be independent, we
can fix ourselves
far better than robots.

Even how it may be complicated
the errors and faults in
our mind, how mess up the
connections and relations
of beliefs, principles
and/or values, it can
still be fix by us, that
is the truth but it may
not sound as easy as that
but the bright side is
it is sure thing posible
that this can be fix.

This is nice thing to
know as individual but
talking a society of robots
that’s different story
but still theres a hope
because as what they said
it all start from individual



Abril 12, 2017

Earth is formed by synergestic
talent of great people that
is being pass into time after

Inventors, leaders and artist
are mostly the people who
made a great impact to change
and evolve our way of living.

They change the way we do things,
they change the law and they change
how we see things or how we should
appriciate them.

This people who made a great
impact in our lives that no doubt
who’ve contribute something
to make the world a better place
to live are somewhat broken inside too.

I dont say that they are the
one who single handedly change the
world thru their crafts, of course not!

Yes they made a big step but after
that we who consume their stuff
actually who’ve brought it to a very
far place, we thought they are
the only one who walked from
distance to distance but no, we
did, we all did.

Broken soul understand his fellow
broken soul. In some form, believe it
or not we connect and made a
union where we used it as a shelter
to where we can amend ourselves.

So it gives me that understanding
that people who are seeing the
bright side of life are not actually
who’s was born who have it all but
those who actually didn’t think
need something in order to see
the bright light.


20th Century Woman (About Generation Transition)

Abril 11, 2017


This movies has a lot of stuffs
to offer, rich of insights to digest
and lessons that you could take note.

And I am not saying just that, what
I mean this kind of movie comes onece
in a blue moon, very rare…

Annet Benning as Dorothie Fields a
single mom at the mids of her 50’s
shows in this film the struggle
of parents connecting to their child.

How rediculos it is for two people
who live in the same roof but
departing their distance each passing
day. It makes me realize the importance
of keeping in touch with my kids from
the start because catching up to their
time seems a gamble if a parents like
me can ever tune into the same page where
they at…

However in this movie shows that reconnecting
is possible but it could be messy…

Dorothie Fields tried the unorthodox
way on shaping her sons growth by
the help of two females which is in
my opinion not a bad move but as much
as possible this option should
be put at the last resort.

This movie for me feels like inteligently
directed very nifty not dragging
and a kind of drama that will live
you emotionally wondering specially
if you were in the same time frame
of people.

For me this is a hard and deep
drama that is inteligently
blended with humors and wit.

It’s hard for me to say
that this film in my opinion
is not recommeneded to include
on your rewatchable list because
I am a type of person who dont
want to rewatch drama films not
because I dont want it but in this
current lifestly that I am and
to the energy I want to attract
I feel that rewatching drama is not
ideal for me but for this film
I am still weighing and thinking twice.

But overall I say this film is nice.
If you dont like drama I insist to try
this one because its really new flavor
that could amuse you.