Agosto 22, 2019

Picture credit to Bitstrip


It is equally important to read
if you are a writer because
that’s how it simply works, if
I’ll explain further reading
not just will feed you information
but also it is a method where
you empower your mind, writing
is where you shape the thoughts
that how you wanted to look like
and reading it is the way how
you instill in your mind, to
explain it in other metaphor
writing is where you make the
program and reading it is where
you install to your mind and
live by it.

We read books, articles and notes
etc. they are all good but I
also say that re-reading your
diary is also necessary where
I also believe most of writer
like me forgot that. I find it
refreshing and inspiring when
I read back my diaries or journal
entries, I say it is a great
way to reconnect to yourself.

It feels really great when
you write down your thoughts,
it feels you’ve somehow unload
the burden and see how your logic
of thinking goes… But if this
is being written then forgotten
I feel that kind a beat the purpose
of journaling or having a diary.

We keep journals or diary because
we want to somehow preserve the
time that are passing by in our
life but question is when we will
going to make some look back from
those times? I hope not by other
people because we are already
dead, even that it will be unfortunate
especially if our past is not
that being firmed how it suppose
to look like, if there is someone
who must give the meaning of
your journal and/or diary that
is obviously us who wrote it,
there could be biased some may
say but will you blame a man
how he see his life show-up to him?

Again that’s why reading and
re-reading is important so
we can see it thru, because
sometimes just like an picture
we dont really see it how it suppose
to look like not until we give
another look at it, same thing
in reading a book and most of
all reading your journal or diary.





Agosto 15, 2019

The music of love and time Photo credit to Bitmoji


Revenge is appealing
an irresistible idea but
in the end after that still
the father time and love
are the one who’ll going
to cure the pains and close
the wounds.

We might skip on getting even
to someone who hurt us but
we can’t discard love and time
from the process of healing.

They said time is the best
healer but please don’t forget
to include love with it
because without love
the healing may not
be complete.

Of course I am aware
that people need time
to choose love, my concern
is some people ignore
choosing love that’s why
complete healing is never
been achieved.



Agosto 15, 2019

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Ang dahilan ng pagkadiskumpyado
ay hindi nangyari yung
inaasahan nating mangyari
bagaman alam naman natin
na hindi tayo ang may
hawak ng oras or sitwasyon
pero dahil sa nag-uumapaw
nating kumpyansa eh nakuha
parin nating pangunahan
ang tadhana.

Pero ating pagkatandaan
na “Hindi Palaging Ganun”
kahit saan, kahit kailan
at kahit ano pa iyan.

Walang masamang magplano
o magtakda ng mga inaasahang
resulta pero wag po nating
kakalimutan na ituos yung
posibilidad na maaring
may ibang mangyari, maaring
hindi naman puro masama
ang ibig sabihin nito
pwede rin kasi na
hindi nga sakto sa
inaasahan mo pero mas
mahusay pa pala.




Agosto 12, 2019

I am just informed that
August is ghost month,
so according to
Feng Shui if it is possible
to delay putting-up a business
or visiting to hospital for
check-up within the month
of August will be a great
idea in order to avoid
bad lucks.

Also it was being told that
if you are planning to
buy any appliances or anything
that you’ll put in your home
it’s better to delay that
because it might cause you
a bad luck too.

I consider myself a quite
believer of Feng Shui since
year 2014, as they’ve said
there’s nothing
to lose if you follow it and
personally I believe Feng Shui
does a positive effect in my

A bit of bad news is that
I started this blog on the
month of August, so I am
contemplating what if I
close this blogsite and
open a new one?

But then I realize as
I am writing this blog
I put-up this blogsite
not because of “business”
purpose but I was hoping
to serve others by lifting
their spirits in little ways
in their trying times
and I am convince that I
might at least accomplished
that as I am blogging for
11 years now.

I admit that later year of
2015 my consistency in
blogging became inconsistent
because just like real
people I am dealing to
several life changing
events which is I learned
that there are some changes
that need a “time”
in order for you to adopt
on it.

Well today is the 11th year
of my blogsite, some bloggers
who’ve reach a yearly milestones
would tell you about their
further plans but as of me
frankly I’ll be the same
Rocky Rivera you’ve known
for 11 years if your my
reader since day one. Possibly
I might make rap songs as my
Emcee name D-Nobelizt that
probably I am the only one
who’ll enjoy and yeah finally
I am reaching to the
finale of my blogsite logo,
the logo per se might not that
very astonishing or flashy but
for me there is much meaning
about on it.

So here again I want to
say thank you to people who’s
still around and visiting this
blogsite, if you think I amused
you or lift your spirit up for
sometime believe me when I say
you do the same thing to me
or more than that. So again
Thank you! Thank you! and
keep in touch…

Rocky Rivera


Hulyo 30, 2019

Back then the word “SOCIAL MEDIA
INFLUENCER” is not even being
made-up and the’re very few of them
who called themselves “SOCIAL

I myself is being labeled in a way
and I dont have problem to that,
I just want to say for those who
wanted to be a “SOCIAL MEDIA
INFLUENCER” is also be an influencer
in real life because you’ll
ruined everything once your
“followers” or fanbase found out
that you are just doing it
in front of camera or just
doing it for online attentions.

Influencers are people who convince
people to something not because
they just have an amazing post
but they can vibe his/her aura
that they are doing what they
are saying or posting.

In fact all of us are influencers
we inspired or convince other people
doing something in a way that
we dont realize that from our simple
acts we might convince somebody
to try doing something.

You cant fake being an influencer
and sometimes you cant even controll
what you’ve want them to capture
from your message of expression,
the best bet that you can rely
on is build your facts first from
within and everything will come
naturally outside.



Hulyo 30, 2019

I just noticed that these days social
media is being accused as if it is
mutating to “the new mainstream” now
a days every mainstream channels is
having the mix of social media they
all do have the common accounts
of the popular social media platforms.

I dont view it as a “bad thing” my
concern is that I hope the authenticity
of social media will not fade-away as
it is also being said now a days it
is getting manipulated.

I say as of now that is not the case
yet because the’re still people who
are there voicing out the truth and
to maintain the authenticity of social
media it’s our all responsibility to
took the oat of keeping this platform
the way it is… That means if you’re
a netizen or someone who benefits
from the information we gathered in
the internet we all have the obligation
to do our part maintain it.

There are a lot of ways to do that
the thing is are we doing something?
If not well I say this could be
a sign or kind a serendipity to think
and hopefully do something about it.



Hulyo 30, 2019

We’re all getting old, that’s
something we dont have to argue
about and as much as you taken
care of your physical body
it will breakdown later on.

So my personal opinion and I
am not an expert so I advice to
please do ask the “experts”
before you ever going to submerged
the fate of your health to what
I am writing right now, this is
my personal view regarding “health”


If you have a bad hairline
but have a good knee I say
save your time on complaining
why you have a bad genes of
not havin a good hairline,
that also apply in vice versa
if you have a bad knee and
have a good hairline I say
think twice on draining
your time on how
to fix the problem.

I dont say stop improving
or grooming yourself because
I am in favor to find ways
and breakthrough on how
to groom yourself and
stay young and healthy but
when your guts tell’s you that
you already hit the rock bottom
for me it’s better to accept
the reality.


There are some part of our
body will deteriorate fast!
Sometimes it’s hard to say that
we cant do anything about it but
to wait to slow down, I say
the way I see it living healthy
means slowing the deterioration
of your body.


Well we all do know that
we’re not here forever so
it’s wise to aske ourselves
what’s the point why we are here,
it’s a cliche question but
truth is we must ask this to
ourselves for time to time just
to check if we’re on track.