Hulyo 15, 2017

Would you agree? because of
the advancement of social media
today it produce lots of fake
people?! I mean those people
who type flowery words or
very encouraging messages
but for real they come out
short or empty?

These days its easy to be
brave when you know
that your in a safe distance
or unidentified place.

Its easy to say something
about your President or
to someone in position even
mock the goverment office
because you are aware that
your true identity is not
being revealed.

It’s being said that this
generation is rich in information,
it is a sin to say “I dont know”
because almost every thing you
can find an answer from google,
even if I feel something wrong
I just type it to google and
ask why and rediculose it may
sound but it gives me an convincing

In this generation ignorance
could be lessen but cowardy
remain its number or probably
gone higher.

This days it’s easy to curse
a stranger on social media
while back in the
day you should at least have
some piece of guts and courage
when you curse somone in public.

I am not complaining on todays
technology, I enjoy it actually
but my piece of advice is
dont alter the face to face
communication by online convos,
if you think you cant say it
in person think twice before
posting that message to someone.


Hulyo 12, 2017

In the end of the day
can you claim and say
that what happen is
happened by choice?

Although we all know
even how highly conscious
we are there still a higher
power or force of nature etc.

Who will shuffle the cards
and draw the pieces into us.

I am not that familiar
in gambling but all I
can say is that whatever
set of cards you receive
you need to work on it.

Eventually gambling is not
about taking down the house
or bankrupting your opponent
sometimes you could say gambling
is a battle to yourself.

It is pretty challenging, its
like a metaphor of life.
Life give you this situation
then after that what will you
do? Same in gambling you
got this set of cards what will
you do?

How ugly your set of card
is, the beauty will always
laydown on how you play your
cards, how far you get far
from it or if possible win it!

So plain and simple, situation
is like a random draw of
cards given to us, the mere
result is up to us, dictated
by our choice, are we allowing
it to be just that? or are you
doing all what it takes, maximize
each option and squeeze all
the possibility to turn
the table around and make it
happened the way you choose
to be?



Hulyo 12, 2017

The TAO definitely correct
where it’s being said that

Dont be surprise why
all of the fights are
rooted to very simple things
because it could be in our
nature to give a BIG THING
to the “small thing”

We do disregard the BIG EFFORTS
being done to us and look
onto “small things” that really
dont matter at all.

A simple “Hi Hello” that
is being neglected to us
for one day could be a
big disrespect and could
cause us to overlook the
sacrifices the person
done for several years…

Or sometimes a simple kind
of good gesture what will lead
to close a very complicated
deal. Because of that “GOOD GESTURE”
it paves it’s way to the heart
of the client, all of the
complication just being accepted
because of that “little thing”

You’ll say I am playing at
you but believe me, I am
still working in corporate
world as I write this and
how crazy it sound, most of the
time the SMALL THINGS matters.

Those little things what
make people promoted or
kicked out. Crazy? you say…

Let us not look into company
let us just check to ourselves.

What holds us back? What keep
the delays etc. check the
reasons, the excuses, didnt
those are little things too?



Hulyo 12, 2017

Chard and Angel nung bata-bata pa Credit to the photo owner


Sa kapanahunan ko kumbaga
si Angel Locsin at Richard Gutierrez
ang Kathniel, (Katherin Bernardo Daniel Padila)
Mainit na mainit yung dalawang
couples noon sa showbiz, yung
tipo ba na kahit anung teleserye
o kahit anung brand ang hawakan
nila ay tila ba magiging ginto,
kikita ng malaki dahil sure na
maraming tatangkilik sa masa.

Nagsimulang sumikat ang dalawa
nung kanilang ginanapan ang
pagiging Aguiluz at Alwina
patok na patok sa masa, napaka
high-tech at isa pa sa nagdala
ng Fantaseryeng ito ay yung
theme song Panalo talaga.

Mula dun kapansin-pansin
yung mga magagandang proyekto
na dumating sa dalawa, Si
Angel naging Darna tapos
lumipat sa Dos samantala
si Richard naging
Captain Barbel, Lupin, Kamandag, Sugo
at marami pang iba hangang
sa dumating na nga sa puntong
medyo naumay na ang mga tao.

Ganun naman talaga kahit
sa mundo ng sports may
tinatawag na Michael Jordan Fatigue
or Lebron Fatigue, ibig sabihin
eh nagsasawa na yung tao sa
karirinig ng kanilang pangalan.

Kumbaga sa prutas marami pang
pwedeng mapiga sa career ng
ChardGel kaya medyo nakakadismaya
noong nasusubaybayan ko na
medyo mabilis ang pag-dalang
ng kanilang exposure sa pinoy

Maraming istorya ang maaring
magpaliwanag kung bakit nangyari
ito sa kanila pero ang sa
akin lang sana ang #ChardGel
ngayon sa Dos ang makatulong
para maidipa nila ng buong-buo
ang kanilang mga pak-pak na di
nila gaano nagawa noon at itoy
masilayan naming mga tagahanga nila.



Hulyo 12, 2017

Ike Evans behind him is his Miramar Plaza hotel (Credit to the photo owner)

For me this is a story of life
after success- The life a of a
dreamer after he took his beloved

A story about what is life
look like after crossing the
path from rags to riches.

In this two season it will
show you that owning a palace
is not that fun at all!

Tortured killing, crime, mischief, double
crossing, mind bugling deals are
just some subjects to deal when you
are running a palace like
what Ike Evans did in his Miramar Plaza.

Owning a business like Miramar Plaza hotel
that consider as a paradise spot in earth
requires a lot in order for someone
to maintain his “ownership” power.
Sometimes it requires not just you but
it could also be too much sometimes
that it will ask you to sacrifice
even the people you love in trade for
you to remain the owner of its place.

In this TV drama it shows me and
made me realize the burden of someone
at his back when you own something
especially to something like Miramar Plaza
where it is not just that of beauty
but offers a lot of potential power and wealth.

I say this TV drama is about Family,
about business and most of all
about consequences as you make a
deal to a devil (metaphorically speaking).

It was an old saying to keep away
from bad company but we are too
stubborn to do that, believing
that we can handle the heat and
as usual mistake eventually we found
ourselves being burned.

Of course there’s always a way
how to get out of the trouble
how ugly it may seem, though you
must not be picky on the options
to resolved it because sometimes
you need to do a more complicated deal
in order to get rid off on all
of your mess and as you go thru
this process your whole team or
family must be intact so all of
you can reach the end of tunnel.

So for me this is what this TV drama
goes about, it is about the effect
of one bad deal to a bad person
and cutting tie from the devil (metaphorically speaking)
is a hell a lot of job.

I can’t blame Ike Evans though but
sometimes we are being brought
to somewhere because of a reason
that we also the one who should unravel.


Mundus vult decipi (“the world wants to be deceived”)

Hulyo 7, 2017

Do you agree that we all want
to be decieved after all?

We need movies, books, music
to be inspired.

No disrespect to the
true people to their craft but
most of the media, books or
even music has a flavor
of something to deceive, maybe
they bend the protagonist
character a little bit, say some
little lies to make the story
and rhymes more intriguing and
interesting or just to enrich
the flavor.

No doubt we all want to
hear some gossip from time to time
we might say we dont just
like we dont want sugar
but admit it that there
are times that we slipped from
our routines or program and
found ourselves endulging
to it.

Dont fool yourself we all
need some dose of being
swept our feet by lies,
the smarter we are being
deceived we like it, even
in the end of the show
we’ll find out how it goes
instead we get mad and insulted
we laugh and be in awe.

That’s who we are, it doesent
mean its okay, I write
this for us to be aware
that maybe that’s one of
humans weakness (if thats the term)
so we can figure-out our
game plans to protect or
full-proof ourselves.

Fantasy could be misunderstood
to lie. We do all want some
sort of fantasies to be entertained
the thing is just be aware
that you should keep your
feet flat footed on the ground.



Hulyo 7, 2017

Magtiis ka! Yan
ang sabi nila

Dahil kamalaunan
matatamasa ang ligaya

Mahirap intindihin
sa unang tingin

Pero ang sagot
matatagpuan lamang
kasi sa huli

Nadaanan ko na
ang ganitong daan

Noong mga panahong
nabubugnot sa eskwelahan

Pero ngayong nakapagtapos
na at nagtratrabaho

Iba na ang labanan
at ng mga pinupunto…

Nakakapagod na talaga
kung minsan

Pero kung iyong
babalikan ang

Masasabi mong maswerte
ka at may ibubunga
ang iyong pinaghihirapan

Lahat ng sarap
at mahusay na istorya

Ay napakaganda at
nagbibigay ligaya

Pero bago mo ito
maikasatuparan lahat

May mga gawain kang
dapat ilapat

Para iyo ding matikman
ang sarap at tamis

Na kung saan sisimulan
at tatapusin sa pagtitiis