Be Bold to be Fortunate!


Ganun lang kasimple, be BOLD pare, if you want to get promoted ask your Boss “how” Kung ayaw nya, simple lang


find another job!


In other words being bold is being direct! Not scared to fail! Failure is normal! We should not disgust failure instead we must learn something from them. Ang hindi maganda is when you don’t get anything in your failure what I am trying to say is that wala kang natutuhan ni kahit kapirangot then you continusly doing the same failure again and again.


Hindi ko ito basta kina-copy & paste sa post na ito, this post is tested!


I was promoted last June 2008 and one of the major reasons why I am promoted is because I was BOLD to get this promotion.


Teka muna I am not talking about BOMBA KING!!! No! No! No!


As what I said in the beginning being bold is being direct, no doubt to the solution you think it might work you just go! No excuses and you just do it!


            Dati kasi I am working on department na hindi nagrerelease ng empleyado , what I am trying to say is that, kahit natangap ka na sa ibang department na inaplayan mo they will not let you go, its either the department that wants to give you promotion eh magsawa na sa kaka-update sa current department mo, not unless kung ang kukuha sa iyong tao ay yung mismong pinaka mataas na Boss sa department na inaaplayan mo. Maraming mga storya na kapag isinulat ko pa ditto eh magiging boaring ang flow pero to make the story short what I did is I just directly call the Big-BIG BOSS and I told to him that


“Sir I heard that your Secretary is transferred to another department, that’s why I am now applying to be your new Secretary…”


Ganun lang kasimple and after our conversation he invited me on his office and after that my paper is been process until I officially transfer to his department and got the promotion syempre pati sweldo ko promoted din. So ngayon I am Factory Managers Secretary here in Saudi Arabia and my Boss is New Zealnder, dati I am Data Processing Clerk and I am very hopeless na makalipat sa ibang departamento pero I remember this sayings


Fortunes favor the Bold…


I heard that in one seminar that I attended before and the name of his School is MIND EXPANSION and I believe the founder is Renne Galang. So nasabi ko sa sarili ko na


“Why not?”

“Be BOLD and I will be fortunate!”


So yun na nga ginawa ko I become bold as I can. Until I got this position and you know what nung naging Secretary na ako ay may mga pahabol pang promotion offers na inaalok sa akin from other departments, how good is that? Diba?


 I just got the idea last week na bakit hindi ko i-post ito sa aking blog so that I can share this wisdom of success to others.


Other people might say to you that


Its impossible

Kalokohan yan

Suicidal yan pare

Lakas ng tama mo!


Etc. etc. pero the question is, ganito ka ba kahina para papigil na maabot ang pangarap mo? Do you let the external forces to control your life or you will control your own life?


Pare madaming loosers sa mundong ito kaya in my personal advice is be picky sa mga payo at komentong maririnig mo.  Hindi lahat yan ay tama kung minsan nga puro MALI ang mga sinasabi nila.


Use your instinct

Listen to your inner voice

And charge!



Then you can quickly see the result, whatever kind of result always remember na GOOD NEWS yan! Kasi you know what to do next, kung failed so the next thing to do is TRY AGAIN! At kung success naman GOOD parin kasi the next thing you do is to CELEBRATE!!!


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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