Three kinds of People in your workplace

Red/Amber/Green Guy



There are three kinds of people in my work place and for me I named them


Green Guy

Amber Guy

Red Guy


So what is the difference of them to each other?


So let me tell to you…


Green Guy


They are your people! You can call them friends, allies, companion, mentor, protector etc. They are the people who are in favor to you, help you and believe in you.


Amber Guy


This people are gays in terms what side they stand (sometimes they don’t have)…

You cannot identify which side they are (PRO management or PRO employees) some people don’t like them because they are scared that this guys will squeal them to their enemies (Pro Management Peeps or PRO employee Peeps), but for me I like Amber Guys not because I am Amber too, I like them because this type of people is easy to manipulate if you have the stuff that they need… for example my stuff I have that Amber guys in our office need are knowledge in computer, internet, gadgets etc.(most of my officemates before has a low knowledge to I.T stuffs) so they cannot easily reject my request if I ask them to do me some favor, I’m just being careful to my words when I am with them because they might use those words to pull me down in the future.


Just be easy to this people because we really don’t know when their colors will change.


Red Guys


You can call them enemy, rival, challenger or competitors. This people are the one who makes your job exciting or hell but these red guys can be your best green guy if you can convert them as your friends. We should not avoid or disgust this kind of people in our work place or either fight against them. What we should do is to convert them all to become green guy status so that our working days will be headache free. (I know it’s hard to do, but at least let’s try it)


Everybody knows this right?

So, why the hell I am posting this?


My real purpose is to encourage you to identify your officemates what category  they really belongs, especially most people are confuse on amber and red they are making mistake that they put people on amber who must be in red category and vice versa so they treating them on wrong way. Also my purpose is to let you know who’s the red guys to your workplace and I am encouraging you to find a way how you can convert them from red to green guy so that you can make your working place just like heaven.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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