Being great is not a joke


Most of the time we did not notice the one important part of being great person, what I am talking about is those people who admire by our society they are the rich & famous. Sometimes we ask why we don’t become like them? And then our subconscious mind will reply


Because of the bad system

Because we are poor

Because lack of opportunity

Because I am short

Because my race is this


Etsetera etsetera etsetera..


We blame & we complain


It rhyms aight?


            What we see is only the end product of this rich & famous people have, and this finish product that I am saying are popularity, power, big big house, cool cars, beautiful woman etc. what we don’t see is this things are only  small things for them compare to the hardship and sacrifices that they go thru before they have this.


            What I am trying to point out here is that most of people are quitting because


they failed a lot

its too hard

I am so exhausted

Too many things to do to reach my goals


But you know what the rich & famous people also experience this same obstacle you are facing right now. You might say that there will be no light and its over and guess what that situation also been thru by the rich & famous people but the difference of them to billion of people who also been on that situation is that the R&F peeps don’t stop, they keep on going…


“Ah this is the problem, everything is falling apart, so what I can learn from this what will I do? What is the solution?”

                                                                                    The Inventor




“No no no there is no way going back we must go forward”

                                                                                    The Captain


“Oh my God, my left arm is broken but I will not quit I will work on my jabs and when the time is right I will give my best right hook that this bastard never been taste on his whole life before, I’ll knock him DOWN.”

                                                                                                                        The Boxer



The spirit of a winner is there, they focus on the goal not on the obstacle they imagine what is the taste of being number one! Not how painful the bruise are.


As my title said being Grate is not a Joke!


Most people are thinking on the wrong way that they believe they can take greatness on quick fix method, they think being the best is like joining the lottery and they don’t accept the fact and they keep inducing the quick fix belief until they get tired and in the end they will complain and blame other when things don’t work.


Losers do shortcuts first while Winners go thru standard procedure before going to shortcuts.


People who are great on their lines has the attitude of being ragged, I mean they fold their sleeves and tweak those thing and let their arms become dirty, they satisfy their curiosity by studying things and getting the facts not the opinions base from invisible evidence, that’s why if you can notice this great guys are so certain and filled of confidence because everything is very clear for them they know what happen to this and that and those facts is base on truth.


I don’t necessarily belief on the “Work Hard” mantra but I know being great is hard, changing your self to the way you wanna be is hard because once in my life I change some area of my life and yes its hard, it takes a lot of time, a lot of sacrifices but it makes me feel good, it makes me feel valuable and it makes me feel living my life that I don’t regret if I die tomorrow… well that’s too much but sometimes I feel it that way but I want to make things clear that I still wanna live to enjoy life and for Christ sake to become more great!!!


I don’t much believing that “Work Hard” means your in the right path either I don’t believe that doing quickfix is also uneffective so what’s my point about?


My point of being great person is being the person of love…


Its sounds corny but I figure out this is the right way to go.


Love what you do or if you don’t love what you are doing drop that and find another profession or hobby that you love or you can love. Great people is being great to what they are doing because there is a love on their act, they are willing to resist the pain because of passion and love, because of their enthusiasm and love of what their doing they can invent system to fasten the procedure. Hard work and shortcuts blends very well on love.


Love your body

Love your purpose

Love others without any catches


And the world or if I have the rights to say the universe will bring back to you what you give, in many folds on unexpected moments of your life.


Being great is not a joke so make it clear to your mind what you really want.




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