Why People Like Steve Wow us?


            First of all the reason I write this is not because I want to gather much attention by the viewers of this site or take Steve Pavlina’s attention, well I want attention and compliment like other people do, I want being notice especially when someone give a good comment but like Wayne Dyer said “I don’t need it”, there is a huge gap between needs and wants as all of us knows.


So what is it? Why people like Steve Wow us? When I say Wow I mean a lot of positive things like being inspired, motivate, makes us certain or enlighten in life actually there are a lot of people like Steve, we have Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Nap Hill and as what I mention a while ago Wayne Dyer. This people for me is like a reincarnation of great artist, speakers and writers in past century like William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson and there are many names who WOW the world in the past century and now in our time there are new shakespirian or Ralph waldowrians that  Wowing the new millennium. The first thing come in my mind why people like Steve Wow us is because they have this




            A braveness to face whatever the outcome, ready or not they will charge on and you may ask why they are doing this and I say they are doing this in the name of the truth! What is real and what is not? They are the one who separate the facts and fiction and the result is “new information” where at first people may reject it which is natural to us that we don’t accept something that we are not familiar with, but eventually when we open our selves we will realize that the new information that they are telling to us is true. In the movie “Gone Baby Gone” I was touch to the courage Patrick (main actor) did by holding his values whatever it takes even his girl friend leave him because of the choice he made. Courage! That’s why we like them, that’s why we idolized them that’s why people like Steve impress and WOW us on every article he wrote. He shows that reality sometime is not in your side but if you have enough courage to learn, carry on or whatever tools you need to have to accomplish your goal you will have it and sometimes you will have more than what you expected.


            The thing is that we really don’t know how to be courageous and sometimes if you try to become courageous you ask your self why I am doing this? Why I will give someone for free? Or why Spider-man exhausting his self to help others even though they are not paying him back for doing it? Why? Why? Why? And that is the answer on how to become courageous, (“The Question is the answer” Anthony Robbins in his book Awakening the Giant within) In order to have courage, first you need to have a


Reasonable purpose!


Purpose is something that you want to do, a dream you want to make it real because if you do that it makes you feel good. I believe Steve, like other people who make a WOW moments, don’t lay down on the bed of roses, sometime there are too much torn rather than floral leaf but each leaf brings tremendous joy and happiness not just only to them (Wow makers) but their success also affects the crowd, it affects us and their success even this is big or small, makes us WOW!


Deep Understanding


            As per my little research, study and observation I can say now that people like Steve has a deep understanding. You may ask me “understanding to what?” I don’t really have the words to say for explaining what I observed to them as of now, sometimes I figure out that they really understand life, love, money or God but for me those answer has missing point in somehow even though we cannot disregard the facts that these guys knows well what they are doing in some point of their life. They are certain, they are sure and they got this, not because they are perfect, they got this on the rough way they fall but they learn and bounce back or if you allow me to say that they make impossible to become possible and now they share to us the journey they been thru and that only telling us how wonderful life is when you live for it.



Some of you may disagree on some of the points that I wrote but I hope you got my drift, some of you disagree about courage and you may say it’s the burning desire but as what I said it’s almost the same point.


The final point that I want to say is that all of us can be like them, we can also WOW people whether in the same way or we make our own.


Thank you


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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