How to know that you are the One in some point of your life?

How to know that you are the One in some point of your life?

What do I mean about “The One” anyway?

I believe that you already watch The Matrix movie (part 1), what if one day Morpheuse showed up to you and he said…

Hey (your name) you’re the one

Of course you will deny that you’re the one and you might say that this guy is crazy but eventually he will show cool and weird stuffs that will convince you that you are not being trick by your imagination…

your really seing him…


And add to that, he offer you to take the “red pill” and because of your curiosity you take the red pill then after that…

Welcome to the Matrix world

And you become their hope and savior then the story goes on…

Sounds silly right?

But I believe most of us are not aware that this happen to us most of the time, we just don’t notice that most of the time Morpheuse is telling us that we are the choosen one.

Where do I refer Morpheuse? I refer it to the opportunities.

What kind of opportunities I am talking about?

Opportunity to make a big change, to become valuable in life or to use your greatness inside of you.

I believe that you been in this kind of situation before…

You are being assign by your boss or professor to do some simple task that sound boring to you like for example posting a reminder to every billboard on the university or company. This will looks like a insult to your ability, we may think in this way because you might say that

“I am a graduate student, I know Surgery, I won Calculus Competition 10 times I am the champ and I am more capable than posting reminders to billboards”

then you don’t do the assigned task and nobody post the reminder on billboard and then the next morning you received the news that your classmate or officemate died because of car accident and police found out that he is drunk while driving, you where so shock that this happen to your colleague because just yesterday he is very energetic and full of adrenalin when you saw him.

then on just like a snap of a finger his gone…
your so depress and you tell to your self

“if I can do anything just to avoid the accident, I will do it”

then afterwards your boss or professor ask you why you still don’t do your task and insisting you to do it ASAP

and then you are been piss-off on that,

and then because of pressure you force you self to do it and because of curiosity you read what is written to the reminder and you are shocked to the message after reading it because what is written is


Just a few minutes ago you tell to your self

“if you just can do something to save his life, you will do it”

and imagine if you do the task on the time that is been assigned to you maybe you can save the life of your classmate or officemate if ever he still died eventhough you post the message atleast today you have no regrets.

I hope you got my point to my short story that sometimes we take for granted the instances where we are being called to help someone or to do some life saving task in a small ways because we think that…

“Why do I going to do this? I am not just like this!
I am more capable than doing this!”

Small thing is a big thing as what Stephen Covey said that sometimes a simple act can make a big effect. Some people blown their mind to find their purpose in life.

how to do a righteouse act or how to be a lightworker?

not knowing that the task of becoming like this, is just a few blocks away from where he is or just sitting beside him.

A boy having trouble on his internet settings
A old woman cannot cross the street
Tourist that being lost his way
Saying Goodmorning with smile to your mates

This acts don’t need a masteral degree to do it, yes everybody can do it but not all people doing it, everybody can loose fat but still a lot of people staying overweight. Imagine what kind of effect you can do when you encounter this situation in your life and instead of ignoring them you entertain them, you gave your full service

-The boy will gain knowledge from you about computer.

-Maybe some kids will saw you while helping the old woman cross the street and they will make you as their model to do the same thing every time they saw a old fellow cant cross the street they help them like what you do. No wonder when you get old those kids saw you helping a old woman on the street when their kids will be the same men will help you to cross the street.

-Who knows if you don’t help the tourist to find his way to his destination he will die because of the accident or unwanted crime?

-What if a Good morning greeting with smile can also save a life? Who knows?

Simple but can make big change.

But I still don’t answer my question

How to know that you are the “One” in some moment of your life?

I say, you will feel that moment, yes I am not being dramatic or whatever but yeah you will feel the moment that someone or the mere situation needs you. The good thing and also the bad thing of this is that you have a choice if you will go for it or not.

But I tell you true, that you will feel it, or hear it from your heart, subcounciouse or inside of you that in that particular moment

You are the ONE

Irregardless of your profession

Irregardless of your bank account

Forget your past failure

Or whatever, but you cannot deny the fact that in that moment

You are the One…

Well everybody can become the One so its should be WE ARE THE ZILLIONS

No, what I am trying to say here is that there are some situation in life that even the most eloquent, healthy, witty or riches person in the whole world cant do anything in some particular situation and the only person can do something is you…

Just like in basketball game Kobe Bryant, Lebron James or even Michael Jordan can’t do anything in your team when you have the ball in your hands for the possible winning shot, the time is ticking down and it is unwise to pass the ball because the seconds is not favourable to your team but again you still have the choice whether you pass the ball and have a sure loss!

Or be a man to take the shot with your full power, concentration and hundred percent of belief that you will win the game.

It may sound weird and silly but really sometimes its hard to believe that

You are the ONE…

And guess what you really are.


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