The Major reasons why some successful people mess-up on top


We know some popular singers, actors, athlete and artist in our time that we saw and heard that they have the great cars, mansions, girls, money or just simple to say


They got it all!


We envy them!


 Sometimes in our life we are wishing that we can have the same fortune that they are having today but suddenly we will going to read the headlines in the morning news


Celebrated singer arrested because of drugs…


Star Athlete arrested because of being involve on murder in gang fight…


Actor brought to rehab due to extreme alcohol addiction…


I know you already heard the story, we can say many names not just in sports and showbiz and all of us wonders why this kind of people who already have it all in their life do such that kind of mistakes? (Destroy his career and life)


Then we will make a conclusion that drugs, alcohol or gang kill peoples dream or destroy peoples life which in some view point it is true that abusing your body by drinking alcohol or using drugs is really unwise thing to do or being with people who are gang bangers is also unwise to do.


But is it really the alcohol, drugs or bad people in our surroundings are the major reason why some of our famous people mess-up their career?


Maybe there are a lot of behind the scene story of our famous icons that still untold and it is very rude for me to generalize all of them in one word or judgment but what I have is the conclusion or idea based to my observation and as a person being exposed in Self-help improvement that I think the reason of this tragedy to their career is because they stop growing and being attached to form.


Being attached to their form


            When you become attached to your form or to the forms around you, let say for example to your figure, talent or ownership, when time pass by and the compliments and ratings that you been having before will not going to be same today, which is expected everybody will fade-away, in this time you will going to suffer because you think that your time is over! You are not that sexy anymore, you are not the best on that talent anymore or someone has bigger ownership than you. Most people think that to be happy and successful you must be always on top, but we misinterpret the meaning of being “on top” most people view this as being always where they are, stay having the bigger ownership, stay sexy, stay the number one singer, they focus on numbers, they focus on tangible things and when you do this for sure you will meet disappointment unexpectedly.


Why? You may ask….


Is there anything wrong to be the best always?


There is nothing wrong if you try to become at your best or to be on top of your game always, but when you rely your measurements to mediocrities approval or to the physical world of identifying “the best or being on top” you will miss the biggest point of life and about success.


And what that will be?




The word growth can relate to freedom, when you try to stop the growth of someone or something let say the growth of plant, the growth of employees salary or the growth of physical body this will for sure result an unwanted output.


You can put the plant on some small area to stop the growth but eventually you will notice that small area is little by little being filled by plants roots and leafs.


You can stop the increase of employee’s salary while their work load is continually getting bigger but eventually the massive number of resignation and rally will arise.


You can stop the growth of the body by reducing the amount of food but eventually it will demand what is right for him.


Just like freedom you can only suspend growth but never stop it.


Some of our famous icons turn on the wrong way which is relying to the ratings instead of what their heart telling to them and right after that they are moving away to growth they always want to be the receiver and never wanting to become the giver, they want to stay to the lime light instead to take their opportunity to work on the back stage. It is tiring to stay as a boxer and it is part of life that someday you need to be a Coach and share your knowledge thru your experience.


As what I stated to my three examples the plant, employee and the body you can try to stop them temporarily but eventually they will get what is meant to be on the harsh way. Same thing in life if we will be attached to our form or tangible materials instead to focus it to the intangible and undying value or principle we will unconsciously stop growing and doing this will lead them on unwanted output.


Look to the people who don’t stop growing and stay attached to the intangible value


Actor become a Director


Famous Athlete become a Trainer


Famous singer built a singing school


I don’t mean that everybody should go on this way but I am just showing it as an example of some other Famous people did, who I believe detached their self to tangible things and embrace growth.


That’s why ist better to have a check-up to our outlook in life so that we will prevent to mess-up when we are on top.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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