I want to become Francis M.


I been reading Francis M. diary in Multiply “a Free Mind” I feel good while reading his journals, because I can also enjoy the fun that he been thru while he is sharing his moments.


Moments with friends

Moments with his Son on a Fathers day

Moments of his Gigs in different places

Moments on Holiday’s

And my personal favorite is the moments that Francis M got a new toys (the PSP and the Camera Canon Mark II, I love the way he express his feelings.)


I want the way he live his life as a father and enjoying life like a teenager, as per my observation Philippine society has the mentality of… When you are a father you must do the Traditional Father job which is work-work-work no more fun, focus on saving money and the bottom line… LIFE IS BOARING!!!


But like some of the men I knew like my Dad, I say Kiko is one of the “cool dad” who play with his child’s, buy his own toys to play with them and to make it short they enjoy life.


I don’t know Kiko personally and like most Filipino I only know him by his song “Mga kababayan ko” and “Kaleidoscope World” people of the 90’s will never forget that coz that’s his mark, a modern Philippine National Song and I say his the modern Poet of our time who says


“Ey Philippine is not that bad we still have something to be proud of”


 Before some people think that when you wear a t-shirt with a printed Philippine flag they will say


YOU ARE BADUY! (Bad taste in fashion something like this)


But Francis start the trend of 3S&AS that makes us think that Philippine flag is cool but I think Francis wants more than that besides of showing how cool being Filipino he wants us to look back to our history and know our roots how we get here, in some ways I feel Francis is a Patriotic guy who value the hardship, heartache and sacrifices of our heroes.


Actually I don’t want to write this article about him for this time because I don’t want to ride on the seasonal emotion of our nation to just gather some views in my blog but as what the sayings say’s


Hit the iron when it’s still hot


I think this is the right time to upload it and express my feeling to the man who been my favorite way back 90’s which is I only knew him by his songs and appearance in TV shows and movies but I never knew that his personal life is more cooler than what we see him on TV.


As a cool dad

Photo enthusiast

Video Gamer




A Freeman who has a free mind!


I send you my love and respect





Visit Kiko’s Blog “a free mind”





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