Two letters for a single word that can deny, reject or put someone down. This word is what we are trying to avoid because we are all condition that there is nothing good for this word (which is NO!)


I read several book about self improvement that will guide you how to handle the NO situation in your life and turn it to YES! Moments… But that’s not what I want to brought out in this article, the reason why I raise this subject is because I want to share to you what I learn. The word NO has a lot of benefits in our life whether in our relationship, dealing to our schedule or even fighting in addiction! Well I think you know where this topic will fall…


That is don’t be a pussy to say NO to the things you don’t want


Say NO to extra rice if you’re in diet

Say NO to surprise task if you want to meet your deadline

Say NO to your spouse to the unnecessary expense if you want to meet your target savings!


Its too short word to spit-out from our mouth but we are so lazy to say the word NO! NO! NO!


I agree that sometimes it takes tons of courage and motivation to say…


I’m sorry boss the answer is NO…


NO I will not accept that assignment because I need to be with my family in holiday


NO I will not accept the promotion if the catch is my neck will be tied-down to the schedule of projects




So simple to say but I got to admit even me I had the hard times to say this and I am blissful every time I say it in the moment I need.


If the guys invite me for dinner I say NO! I will not eat tonight I am on diet


Its break time and my colleagues invite to smoke some cigar I say NO thanks I quit smoking


My phone alarm at 4AM and I want to continue sleeping and I say NO I must get-up and do my cardio.



Don’t be a pushy

Don’t be slave

Don’t give away your time unconsciously


Say NO if it’s enough

Say NO if it’s too much

Say NO if you want to stop the old system that brings you nowhere and make a fresh new beginning…






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