How to have tons of Positive Approval


            Everybody want positive approval that’s a fact! Approval about their relationship; approval that he is the strongest, fastest, cutest or richest! just name it! And I bet plenty of folks out there are on the hunt to get POSITIVE APPROVAL.


POSITIVE APPROVAL has unlimited sources, its like an ocean sea, it can be your mom, dad, bro, sis, friends, officemate, boss, crush, spouse, kids, neighbor, enemy, classmates, forum-mate, x-girlfriend, x-wife and the list will continue… same thing in negative approval.


Some people have it(P.A) but many gone to never ending cycle of crush and burn even they have it all or did it all, both the latest gear or did the direst stunt but still they have this unsatisfying feeling that their subconscious mind telling to them


“You still don’t have it!!!”


“What is that?”




We have different idea what is POSITIVE APPROVAL, some might say P.A is to be inspired, motivate or appreciated but the main reason why we need POSITIVE APPROVAL is to make our self feel good, look good, sounds good or to be just good.


Some people are so needy to have it, some are trying hard to pretend that he don’t want it but deep inside he is dying for it, some are being greedy for P.A and some are effortlessly having it.


Well I ask my self three questions about P.A (Positive Approval) do we really need it? Why? And how to have tons of P.A?


So let me tackle it one by one





I say positive approval is NOT a NEED but it is more appropriate to say that POSITIVE APPROVAL belongs to the WANTS category.




Everybody can survive without any POSITIVE APPROVAL, think about it if ever happen that you are being trap in an lonely island for one year or lets say for one decade but you have all the basic NEEDS to live; like fine drinking water, foods, shelter, friendly animals for your social needs and HOPE that you can be rescue one day. I believe that you can survive without hearing any compliments; praises or words that make you feel appreciated. 


But if your still insisting to know the answer on HOW TO HAVE TONS OF POSITIVE APPROVAL in you life?


Here is the answer from the man I consider a guru, his name is Wayne Dyer and he said on how to have approval or compliments in your life is this




Yes that’s it STOP needing it. Sounds ridiculous? Yes you bet but I tell you try it and you will see what will happen.


Try to lessen the amount of your time thinking what other may say about what your up to and just do it. Be rebellious on doing what you want! if you really want to change your course that your taking up in college right now well just do it


 if you want to start you own blog site but you are too wary about your knowledge on writing English grammar well I say just do it! Write what you want to write say what you want to say in the whole world! Grammar is important but the most important in any speech, articles, news or blog entry is the MESSAGE! In sex foreplay is important but what most important is SATISFACTION! Unleashed the accumulated desire in your heart, free your mind, heart and soul! BE A FREEMAN! Don’t let the treat of criticism on your choice stop you, if you relay of criticism, reviews and professional opinions I am sure your world will get smaller and smaller everyday, believe me I’ve been there before.


If you stop needing approval, appreciation, compliments, praises or admiration the cycle will change! Those so called POSITIVE APPROVALS will gonna chase you!


If you don’t believe on what I am saying, if you think I am just playing around I challenge you to try it in 30 days STOP NEEDING IT and be aware to the changes will happen.


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