There are always PEOPLE will LOVE and HATE you in this World


In every decision you made there are always people who disagree and agree on what you will come up. If one day you quit your job some people will say that you are a stupid! after all of the lay-offs and world wide financial recession and many people are begging to their employer to let them stay even they do the job of two employee and pay’s the same salary they will accept it just let them stay, then here you are quitting your job, they might think something is wrong to you or maybe you found some job who has better offer. While some group of people will say THANK GOODNESS! Finally! he is enlighten, FINALLY you free your self!


Wherever we go, whatever we choose or whoever we become somebody will hate or love us that’s for sure and what is more important in the end is not who have the greater numbers, is it the haters or the lovers? What matters is YOU CHOOSE! By your own self of-course in any decision in life we can’t control the output, we cannot say the plan will go smoothly but whatever happen to your choice you must feel good that you dare to take charge for your life. Many people fails on this area, they rather want to follow the overuse method just to avoid the HATERS even they neglect the most precious gift of a human being and that is to CHOOSE.


Why? Because they forgot that they cannot please everybody it’s a very common sense right? But its not a common practice, we usually forget that if you take something for sure you leave something behind. We must know where we will take side or make our own stand in life and put it in our mind that HATERS and LOVERS is given whoever, whatever or wherever we will been.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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