There is no 100% ASSURANCE in Life

If someone told you like this

 “Ladies and Gentlemen I assure you 100%!”

Its either his salesman, a person who don’t know what his saying or maybe he is God.

100% money back guaranteed, Successful, Profitable or SALVATION! Its good to hear but the truth is nobody really knows what will happen tomorrow even CEO’s or World leaders usually wants to play safe when it comes to ASSURANCE! So how come somebody in the mall or a broker will tell you about HUNDRED PERCENT?

My point here is not to be reactive if someone told you 100% but its more likely a reminder to everybody that NOBODY can really tell what will happen next. Even you Plan it well, actually its part of the planning to ADJUST in case the Plan-A didn’t materialize so even you plan it WELL its not an assurance that it will happen the way you want it to be.

Courage, acceptance and openness are few characters what we must have on facing the moments of surprise or changes whether its tragedy, instant success or death.

Why people telling that its HUNDRED PERCENT ASSURANCE? Because Sale’s people knew that SECURITY is very buyable word to the consumers, it means you will never get wrong on buying our staff, it will never fail and the job is already done for you! THAT’S 100% assurance!

Take this college course and we will assure to you 100% percent you will never laid off or after college you will quickly have a job!

Buying this food is hundred percent SAFE I assure you that

Use this system and I assure you your inventory will work smoothly 100%

Then later on we will knew that after college the course we took is not in-demand anymore, later on we will knew that the food we regularly consume is double dead or chemical contaminated or the system we both is wide-open for the hackers to manipulate and you will say

“How come this happen? They said its 100% assurance?”

You will just realize after all of trouble that nobody is responsible on you but your self. Do not rely too much on what others telling to you because even themselves sometime don’t know what their saying so how can you rely on that?

Be Responsible to your life, take the steering wheel and don’t take the passenger seat anymore because you’ve been sitting there for the long time and today is the day to turn your life around.

Again Be responsible



2 Responses to There is no 100% ASSURANCE in Life

  1. shynyrd ay nagsasabing:

    yeah right…

    walang assurance na 100%, eto ay imbento lang ng komersalismo para makabenta ng produkto.

    at hindi ito pedeng i associate sa buhay ng tao..
    dahil tao ang gumagawa ng kapalaran niya.


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