Selected Movie: 17 Again (& Big)

17 againbigAfter watching this movie (17 again) I remember Tom Hanks in one of his well known movie way back 80’s which is BIG.




These two movies have one same message which is being told in different way and what they want to say?



The movie of BIG tackle the issue before that in order for a kid to be who he wants to be is to wait when he grow up. But the movie (BIG) of Tom Hanks clearly shows that it will not work in that way it only cause you more trouble.

Then fast forward to the new millennium 2000 where the table was turned around and the elders are complaining that “if only they can turn back the time” they may pull their lives from shit where they are right now. But again the movie (17 again) showed to us that making your self young again will not help much, it only make things worse just like what Tom Hanks showed to us.

So if getting more matured or younger are not the answer to fix the broken relationship, mold your deform life style or to enjoy life then the question is “what you should do?”


I been also in a deep shit and I also keep falling in the same trap until I began to find a solution to solve this kind of issue for good and that happen when I FACE IT first.

Facing your personal issue in life whether you call it problems, challenges or disappointment is the number one step you need to do. Facing your problem doesn’t mean be mad to the people who you knew the cause of your disappointments, well that will be blaming and not facing the problem, which not solve the real issue, just give you a temporary relief.


Know your current issue in life, ask a question, give your self a break and go to some peaceful place to think for your self for a while, meditate and there are a lot of ways tahat you can do in order to identify what really happens to you and what kind of setbacks you’re into. After knowing the problem the next step will be finding the solution then make a plan for it. The next step is to apply what you planned for and the last step for this will be TRY AGAIN whether you succeed or not, you need to do it again. If you succeed you can try it again to other part of your life, maybe not to solve the issue but to improve it and in case you fail… the message is very clear TRY IT AGAIN improve your knowing, planning and applying then TRY IT AGAIN whether it fails or succeed.

No need for wishful thinking that you’re older or younger on this particular time. Today is a perfect time for you to clean-up the mess or tune-up your life.

This movie only shows to us that getting younger or older don’t really work well.


FACE TO FACE (in time) is always better.

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