Before you read any SELF HELP Books “READ THIS FIRST!”

Self-HELP is about helping your self, make sense? I think not. Well when we say HELP and let say you need HELP and someone volunteer that he wants to help you, that person has a 50/50 chance to do the job (What job? To HELP you)

Okay let set an example; imagine that you are in the sidewalk street of New York and you say out loud HEELLLPPPPP!!! And some concern citizen came to you it seems this person want to offer you a hand, guess what this person will goanna say?

How may I help you?

What’s the Problem?

Why you need help?

Can you see what the similarity of these questions? Right! They are QUALIFIER questions. Somebody out there can help you but they need to know how they may help you. Because you might need a dietician but the one who’s volunteering to help you is physician so he may not help you personally but this person might have some dietician friend that can hook you up.

So my only message and advice here is that before you grab that best selling book its better to ask your self first. What do I need? What help do I need?

Remember Stephen Covey said about Paradigm. Maybe you want to go to Chicago but you are following the wrong map which is routed to Detroit.




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