Why we Follow GOD: Is it because we love him? Or we fear him?

It’s a good question for the Christians to ask himself. Why he follow God’s words? Because you truly love him or because you fear him or you are hoping for a big time PAY BACK from him which is the eternal life to heaven?

I believe you know somebody who’s trying to be holy men, who go to the church every weekend, spend his time on all church activities and praying most of the time. But somewhere on the line this holy man, change! The man who gone to the church are now a man who’s been a regular customer on stripers club, The man who’s spending his time on church activities before are now the man who find this kind of activities are waist of time or BORING! The Man who pray most of the time to find peace are now the man who depends on nicotine, alcohol and drugs. You know this kind of story about the HOLYMAN who become a HOLYCOW!

And you have the question in your mind asking…HOW THIS HAPPEN?

Because they are empowered by FEAR and the hope that someday they will receive this BIG TIME PAY BACK!

You can have a quick result on using FEAR. People react on it very fast but the effectiveness of it in the long run is not attractive. Time will come that this people who were entangled by FEAR will gather enough strength to free his self.

A faith that is motivated by fear will lead you to suffocation.

Hoping for a BIG TIME PAY BACK like eternal life in heaven is not bad to hope, but if you’re doing these holy sacrifices only because for that PAYBACK of eternal life, you are digging your own grave my friend.

Doing something with CONDITION has always a limitation like what you can see in business contracts and that is not how it goes if we are talking relationship to GOD. Even in your family who is doing something good for you because he/she is expecting that when you die you can give something to him from the wealth that you leave behind, that person can be easily measured when his obedience will last, especially if that person discover that you will leave your life for a long-long time, and once he knew that you have plenty of years to live, I bet my one month salary that his kindness and sincerity will become pale and soon fade-away.

Why this happen? Because the person knew that before his interest will materialize he/she needs to wait for a very-very long time especially if we are talking about something that even the angles from heaven don’t know when it will happen and I am talking about SALVATION.

So you may ask if FEAR and hoping for BIG TIME PAYBACK will not work out, what will work.

My answer is…

LOVE GOD and follow his words because we LOVE HIM

Love him like parents who love his child who’s not expecting any payback in the end of the day.

LOVE GOD like a son who love his Mom and Dad not because he needs to pay them back for the goodness they did to him but he love his parents because he love them.

Do what he said not because of the punishment that may cast on you if you don’t.

Do what he said not only because you will get something from him.

But Do what he said because you LOVE him, you RESPECT him and for Christ sake you are GRATEFUL when you’re doing what he wants.

So if I may suggest to you from now on, whatever your religion or beliefs about GOD if ever you are following his doctrine because you fear him or hoping for a big time payback on the end of the day, I beg you to stop fearing him, stop reminding him that you are a good boy and you need to be saved because you do what he said… STOP THAT




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