Francis Magalona (The Father of RAP in Philippines)

For the past few days I ask my self why I am so interested on Francis Magalona? Why I am still visiting his blogsite in multiply? What are the things that make me really interesting to this guy?

Is it his Canon 5D Mark II?

Is it his FMCC 3Stars&ASun cloths?

Is it his Canon 30D?

Or is it his toys and cool gears?

Well definitely not his songs, but eventually again my crave in Rap and R&B music are coming back because of this guy that they called “the man from manila” and lately we called the father of RAP in the Philippines.

I say all of the above that I mention is true. I say that I become interested on Francis M’s life because like me I was into photography hobby too. My target camera to buy in this year is the Nikon D700 (or /and) the Nikon D300. Like me, Francis M is a Nikon guy as what he said on his blog but lately he also both some Canon camera too and I myself is getting tempted to change my plan and buy the Mark II and cancel my Nikon Plan, but that’s a hard call and a long decision making to do.

Back to Kiko a.k.a Francis M

While reading his Blog in multiply my only intension before is just to know what his camera and what lens his using. I am really WOW when I discover this guy has a lot of camera and take note he also have a collection of analog camera and for me that only said that this guy is really into this hobby.


This guy love to eat like me. If you’re going to visit his blog you can see a number of restaurants he dine-in and made a fair review.


Everybody knows that KIKO is a “artista material” and its not different to us that public figure like him has the responsibility to be look good any time. Kiko’s taste in fashion is really a bit awkward on his songs, his Rapper but I don’t see him always wearing those thick bling-bling necklace or wearing those super large shirt and jeans. As you can see he just appears to be a simple guy, what only glows to him and outstand from the crowd is his good aura, his smile and young looking face. Not until he launched the 3Stars&ASun he carry this mark always even his in his home with his family.


            Okay I already talked about his toys, cloths and foods but after being so into FM on the last 4 months I figure out that what I really like to this guy is, how he tell story on his blog. If you have the chance to read his blog entry one by one you can feel to this man that he has a heart of little boy. Enjoying the moments of his life, I am not comfortable to judge someone base on his diary by it self. Even though I cant help it to say that Kiko might be a good man, good father and a good friend but what I can also say that a man can hide his identity by words he speak but not on the words he wrote especially if we are talking about personal diary.

I am blessed after reading his blog, and it reminds me that just like him we must enjoy every moments of our lives, doesn’t matter how long or short it is because living does not happen on the past or in the future but it is running at the present, at this very moment that you’re reading this article.

I both his FMCC cloths the black shirt of READY TO DEFEND, the 3stars&aSun stripes, PRIDE, Sarangola black, Listo mic Bling, Polo shirt Green and I am still looking for Listo mic flag style (with red, white, blue color plus 3s&AS logo at the buttom) but I can say that even I both the whole FMCC clothing I will still miss Kiko just like the people of the Philippines but I think that’s life..

Some will go and some will stay but one thing for sure that I know and that is even Francis Magalona is GONE for sure he will never be FORGOTTEN.

The Man from KSA



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