When we lose EVERYTHING then we are free to do ANYTHING

It’s hard to adopt changes in life when you are very attached; it’s hard to move-on if you’re a type of person who has a mentality of “I AM WHAT I HAVE”

You know this people, they define their selves by the brand of cloths they wear, the title of their position, the amount of salary they receive every month, the car they drive, how beautiful their girlfriend/wife is, how’s their pictures looks like in face-book, from what school they graduated, how many license they have, what’s their business, what places they hang-out, who’s their friend, what’s their hobby, from what roots their family came from and I have many things to write about them but now I’ll stop from this point.

And it will not surprise me if one day when they experience “Satoray” the instant awakening, where they may realize or discover something “profound” like knowing what they really want to do in life or understanding the absolute meaning of happiness but after knowing that, they become immobilize to follow that calling because this things that they HAVE is holding them back and do you know what most people do?

They just keep ignoring their calling, until this voice totally fade away and gone. From there they become zombies, a living dead, doing things that they hate, keep fooling their selves by trying to pretend happy or secure but deep on their gut they know the truth that they are not safe neither happy. Until one day the nature or the SOURCE taken away all of their belongings, this belongings represent as their status symbol, some people didn’t recover because they believe that once their possession was gone they will vanish too. While some people survive and take this as a GO SIGNAL to follow the life they want to live.

I been in this situation before, when the things that you earned from your hard work was gone by just a snap of a finger. Yes! It really feel bad because you will start all over again to save money and everything but I cannot deny the fact that somewhere in my heart I feel very good too, I think the reason for that is having the sense of FREEDOM, because from that moment when I lose the possession that I am protecting for a long time I felt being FREE! It seems those possessions owns me for a long time and now it’s gone, I am not being owned by nobody or anything.

That’s why I can whole heartedly connect my feelings to the movie “Fight Club”. For me Tyler Durden is like a new age messiah who enlightens many people who enslave their own selves.

Actually the title of this article originates from his line and to nail it down. He also said to Edward Norton when they are in the Bar restaurant that

“The things you own… Stop owning you”

Its little bit unwise for me that why we will going to wait until tragedy or some incident will hit us and take away the possessions that holding us back before we change our life?

I believe tragedy is not necessary as a motivation, because we have the greater power to just take it off and do what we want to do. I know it’s hard, but I also knew that it is doable.

Maybe that is the bad effect of watching too much TV it makes you believe that changes is easy, by just a wave of the magic wand, everything will be just fine not until when we hit the rock bottom and starting to realize that life is not a fairy tale and guess what when the time you realize the so called TRUTH its too late and you only have few remaining years to live your life.

But actually there is no TOO LATE to a person who is decided to change his life for the better and willing to be crushed and burned (not literally) by consequences that may backfire at him, but everybody knew who been in this transition stage that the reward is very worthy.

Its true that its more easy to move-on when your back-pack is empty but why are we going to wait the time that those stuffs will snatch from us before we walk the road that will lead us to the destination we want to reach?

Do not wait to lose everything before doing anything you want. Why are we going to wait if we can do it right now?

With all my love



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