Detractors always have Excuses

Haters and Pullers always have something to say to discriminate and to belittle those people who obviously did some greatest thing in the history.

Listening to their opinion can make you laugh but you cannot disregard the fact that the effect of his/her message is “draining”.

Blaming, complaining and mocking are their common move to escape from the big shame that strike them.

Do you think this people have integrity? Maybe No or Maybe they are just confused and not fully understand what their doing at all.

Channeling your ATTENTION to the people who are CONFIRMED DETRACTORS of yours is totally a waist of your resources. Because you know that how better you become, how many awards/titles you received and how many fighters you defeated this people has always excuses trying to justify that your not good even though the evidence are BIG and BOLD! Showing clearly means that you are the PRICE.

“Thou shall not Try to convert your Detractors”

Most of us in the early days are trying our best to convert the Detractors to become our supporters or followers, and I ask you now, are your detractors from the past that you tried to CHANGE their opinion about you are converted today? I guess not. So what happen? We just waist resources, waist our energy, effort and time etc. Of course sometimes we need external feedbacks so that we can see that bird’s eye view but the danger here is when you are unaware to whom you received the feedbacks and unclear to the information that your looking for.

Let say you want to have 1 million in your bank account so who do you think you should asking questions and opinions? Of course it is obvious that we must ask those people have a 1 million (or more than that) in their bank account; ask them how they save that amount of money, what their business is, what their job is or where they invest it. Hearing the story of people who gone broke might be good too but not as information that will give you how to have million’s but how to avoid being broke.

If your purpose of being the best is because you want to convert your detractors as your ally, follower, supporters or you just want to hear from their mouth these words

“Gosh! I am wrong and he is right”

“I miscalculated”

“I lose punish ME!”

Well that will not happen, let say it gonna be a 1% chance to happen, very few people really accept their lost with grace and most especially if they are your detractors, imagine the insult and disappointment that they have when the moment you won, where before they mock you bigtime, expect that they will throw excuses so they can “save face” but I know that before they retire at night his/her conscience is echoing, telling to him that…


If you will dare something to your life, if you want to be the best or you want to prove something, do this not because of your detractors but do this because of your selves.

To our Success



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