If you think having college degree or being a smart guy in your batch is enough to easily climb on the top of corporate mountain well I say…

Think again.

I testify that there are many high rank positions in bigger company filled by people that are less experience, unskillful, ZERO Knowledge and has a QUESTIONABLE credentials, when I say HIGH RANK I mean this is the big deal. You know… big salary, very nice benefits, free car, cash allowances and they are mentioned as the KEY PEOPLE in the company, in decisions making their words are gold.

Where as this people who had MORE experience, skills and knowledgeable are stuck on where they are since 3 years ago and you might say NO WAY! Or HELL NO!

That’s why I told you

Think again.

Just like what the title said “GOOD EDUACTION IS NOT ENOUGH in Corporate World” I don’t mean that you must become “VERY good” because even you MASTER your course but you don’t know how to play the “game” you’re still far away from the gold pot…

What game that I am talking about?

The game that I am talking about is POLITICS…

Yes I know you already heard it and some might say this is untrue, I don’t know to those people and I wonder what company they worked but as per my personal experience understanding to play this game (which is Politics) is the ultimate requirement to SURVIVE and to ADVANCE (meaning to keep your job and have a chance to be promoted) in Corporate World

Why is that? Why being good in my academics is not enough?

Because this time you are not basing your TRUTH by what the books said but WHAT you’re BOSS said.

Accounting rules or Managerial Strategy that you learn in school is okay but in the end of the day you need to calibrate your principles base to your Boss belief system.

In Corporate World they are not concern about the TRUTH but they give more importance on what the “Top Management SAYS”.

Knowing what’s good is not actually what you need to know because everybody already knew what is good, your officemates are almost same as you, who had a college degree and might be a smart guy too, way back in their college days.

So if knowing what’s good is not what I need, so what I REALLY NEED TO KNOW? (You might ask)

You need to know the Culture of the company, what kind of relationship the superiors and subordinate have? Are the superiors or the bosses are slightly humanitarian or totally selfish?

You need to know how many factions or tribes are there and what’s their interest?
(Ex. John’s peer, Pedro’s team, David’s Clan, The complainers, The Religious or the Strippers Club goers.)

Of course you need to know who’s your Daddy is, what I mean here is your BOSS. Be friend to him and make it sure you fulfilled all of his needs as much as possible because whether we like it or not he is the one who will give to us a chance to climb on the corporate ladder.

So this is what’s the common thing a newly hired employee or a newly college graduate needs to include in their Curriculum.

YOU MUST KNOW! The COMPANY, the PEOPLE, the BOSS and most of all improve your self to play the GAME (POLITICS)



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