Why I keep posting here in Steve’s Site

Some of the regular visitor or member in this site might be wondering and asking…

Why I keep posting articles in this site and rarely asking question?

For me all of the answers regarding self improvement are already written on Steve Pavlina’s articles though it’s a lot of work to read all of his articles but I testify that the patient that you will spare on reading it will pay back big time.

Every time that I read on of Steve’s article I never failed to get something. I was being inspired, surprised or enlightened, you never be empty handed after reading his blog even you already read it 5 times you can still squeeze some idea from it. As of now I already read 125 of his articles and there are still 904 articles waiting to be read.

Well the answer to the question “WHY I KEEP POSTING in STEVE’S SITE”

Is because I want to give back the good things that I have in this site, although I don’t give all the credits on this site because I don’t grow by just reading on Steve’s article of course there is Stephen Covey, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Og Mandino, Brian Kim, Nap Hill and not but not the least Wayne Dyer they are the big influencer in my life.

Second thing why I am posting in this site is because I want to share my lessons that I learned in my life which I believed it will be an eye-opener or a wake-up call to somebody.

And lastly I know that Steve is getting busier on these days and thru this article I want to send the message of gratitude to Steve, the moderators and to all of the people who participate to maintain this site and keep on running that including the members whether your active or not.


Bless you all! MABUHAY! And a HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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