Busy Dying or Busy Living

Inspired by the movie: SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION

             How do we look our lives everyday? Where did you focus most of your attention? Are you enjoying remembering the good times when you’re with your love one’s spending vacation to beach or you prepare to count the guilt and hatred in your past life?

Do you spend most of your time observing what’s the flaws of your colleague are? Or you prepare to remember their special days like their birthday or wedding anniversary so that you can remind them or great them and invite to go out for a little celebration?

You probably heard this before that “You exactly become what you think about” you just not aware of that. When we truly accept this fact we become also aware that we attract what we think. I know that nobody wants to attract negative vibes in their lives of course we want all the positives, right?

So ask you self now, where do you put your attention most? Are you busy finding reasons to make your life miserable and looks like more victimized? Or you put your self in the state of gratitude, feeling thankful to the good things that you have in life?

If we become busy for something, make it sure we are busy on loving life.

Get back to work!

Making your world a wonderland



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