Why do we want to know our purpose in life?

Why are we so conscious about it?

Why it’s so important to be certain on what you’re doing?

 Here’s the answer on “WHY” it’s because we want to feel VALUELBLE thru our contribution while existing in this world and of course to FEEL GOOD.




But why so many people around the Self-Help World still can’t find WHAT THEY REALLY WANT?

Well my guess is because we have a DISEMPOWERING BELIEF SYSTEM in our mind and that Belief is always asking our selves “IS THIS RIGHT?” in other words DOUBTS

Here’s an example of mental dialogue of average self-help newbie who’s finding his purpose in life.


What is my purpose in life?

I want to be an Astronaut, because I want adventure!

Wait a minute is this RIGHT? Is this what I really want?

Hmmm… No I want to help the poor, I want to participate in Volunteer movements on the third world countries etc. I want to be like Mother Teresa

Wait a minute is this I RIGHT? What if I am wrong?

Hmmm… Well I think I want to become like Jim Rohn! I want to be a speaker and writer I want to be a Self-help Guru!

IS THIS RIGHT? IS THIS WHAT I REALLY WANT? (Mental arguments continue…)


I bet most of the people out there experience this kind of mental arguments when deciding what is their purpose in life and for sure there are DOUBTS in your mind asking your self if THIS IS RIGHT!

Talking about RIGHT AND WRONG issue is truly a subjective matter. If you’re a Christian your belief is totally opposite compare to Non-Christian believers, as simple as that!

And judging the fact whose right or wrong is totally depends on the point of view of the Judge, that point of view  depends on which side he was being convince and being convince depends on how the Christian side perform their presentations and much as well on Non-Christian side too.


It’s hard to swallow that technically in this world there is no Book of STANDARDS telling you WHAT is RIGHT AND WRONG in order to identify if your chosen path is correct (or not).

Whatever you feel about your self today that is not because of the EVENTS but it is because the way of your EVALUATION. And that evaluation depends on your REFERENCE.

Anyway do you ask your self before what is the PURPOSE of HAVING A PURPOSE IN LIFE?

Is it because they want to become RIGHT?

Or because they want to have DIRECTION, IDENTITY and CERTAINTY

Let say for example when the first time we discover how to use crayons and paper we want to draw house, places, people or our favorite cartoon characters right? And why we want to do that? Do we do that because of PERFECTION OR BEING RIGHT?

Of course not! We do that because we want to have FUN, EXPRESS our selves or to see our DREAMS to REALITY at least by paper and crayons. We want to share to other people what’s in our mind, what’s our past experience or what we want to do in the future and I believe that is the same thing in LIFE PURPOSE….

The purpose of having purpose in life has nothing to do on competing to your fellow man and WIN over him because later on the intention of CONTRIBUTION will be replaced by CONSUMPTION. I believe and I am convince that the PURPOSE of HAVING PURPOSE in life is just like being a child with a set of crayons and paper in his hands and what he needs to do is to respond to the question of “What do you want to draw?” Just like in life what do you want your existence be like?

Whether you draw trees, house or people

Whether you draw from bottom to top or sideways

Whether you use tri-color or black and white

Remember that there are no RULES on what METHOD you should do, the only rule you need to follow is make your self FEEL GOOD…

Instead of asking your self IS THIS RIGHT? Why don’t you ask you’re self


And if the answer is yes!

My advice is KEEP DOING THAT!

Just like Mother Teresa said

“We are all pencils in the hand of God.”


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