Contribution or Attention

Last time I wrote about “The Purpose of having Purpose in life” here I tackle about why people want to have purpose in life and how to deal on their doubts when they are in the stage of decision making.

Well right now I want to share about my observation and realization on finding or deciding your purpose.

As what the title of this article, I observed that there are two general motives why we want to have purpose in life, its either you choose your purpose because you want to contribute or you just want to make a big impression that “HEY!  THIS IS ME EM I CUTE OR WHAT?”

So let me tell you about these two general motives.


            People who are motivated by willingness of CONTRIBUTION are the people that we known as achievers, successful, famous or legends. People whose intention is not just to accomplish their mission…this mission are not selfish goals but most of the time we misinterpret as crazy ideas or martyr act. People who invented valuable things that make our lives more comfort, people who wrote books, articles or Blog’s that instantly shift our focus in life for the better and there are many more like them who feeds our souls and reminds us that it doesn’t really matter who you are but what your willing to do.

The bottom line I think is they want to give, they want to love and of course the law of universe is that… what you give is what you will be given to you back in many folds.


            People who are motivated by being NOTICED by group of people he/she desires. We say that some of them can be noted as achievers, successful, famous or legend but their impact to our lives is just like a dessert in a meal and if you look at their (auto)biography your conclusion might be “not a big deal” or questionable.

The bottom line is that they are trying to say that being great has a limited ways and not for everybody.


Now what do you think that motivates you on doing your so called purpose? Is it because of public appeal or a sense of contribution?

You might ask… can I get both? Of course! Why not? What happens is people who focus on Contribution become attention magnet effortless, however when you priorities ATTENTION you might have the contribution too but in my observation the flow is slower compare to people who priorities CONTRIBUTION first.

Now you might ask me, do I promote CONTRIBUTION first?

Well if you will ask me to answer this question for you. I say it doesn’t important what is right and wrong because technically there none of that.

What most important is what gives you interest to do?

That’s all, its all about you. The reason why I just wrote this down is just to share you some of my idea that I believe might help neophyte seeker of purpose like me before.

Anyway whatever it is! Good luck, best wishes and the higher power whoever he may be will bless you.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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