Highway to HELL, Stairway to HEAVEN

It is easy to feel bad rather than to feel good.

It’s easy to hate than to love.

It’s easy to die than to live.

There are many reasons to feel disappointed but it seems the reason to be happy is hidden from us.

Somewhere in the Holy Scripture its written that the way to hell is bigger than to way to heaven and that is for damn sure!

So it means feeling good is not a privilege but it is a responsibility of any man who demands for it.

That’s why complaining wont help us much, it just make things worst, what you need to do is understand your situation and decide for changes and do it, that will be the simplest advice that I can say on this blog.

Well my point will be that if your life is like a garden and you don’t do much to maintain it well, weed will grow and in order to get rid of this weed or prevent weeds in our garden we must take responsibility to maintain it.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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