Live or Exist

Are you LIVING or just EXISTING? Well just in case that you are interested on what I am talking about just read along…

Let me explain to you what I mean about EXISTING.

Actually I think 90% of people in the whole world are walking in this path, the path of “conformity” you know the usual routine go to school get a high grade then after elementary go to high school then collage and after collage get a good job then get married and have a happy family then the list will go on, you know the usual plans you heard. Life seems so predictable and arrives to the idea of boredom! Sometime you asked your self WHEN CAN I DO WHAT I REALLY WANT? Because you feel imprison even you are not behind bars because internally you feel you are not in control of your path.

And LIVING is obviously the opposite side of EXISTING

Where you make your life the way you want to be. Well of course at beginning you are living the conformity life style but eventually you free your self, you shift to LIVING mantra, you take the risk and yes there are several pain you met and adjustment to figure-out but in the end the pay back is so worth it. The great people we know those people who do extraordinary and they are what we consider successful and master are for sure who are in the LIVING path and that’s why we admire them.

Now the question that I might leave you today is that

 Are you LIVING your life or just surviving to EXIST?


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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