I’m Happy for you

How many times do you remember that you say to your colleague, neighbor or relative that “I’m Happy for you?”

When your colleague got promoted do you go to his station, tap his back and say

“Hey men I heard that you got promoted! Congratulations and I’m Happy for you!”

When you saw that your neighbor both a brand new car are you going to give him a compliment like…

“Hey neighbor nice ride! I’m happy for you!”

When your relative become successful on some business do you call them and said…

“Hey couz I heard your business is doing well, Congrats and I’m Happy for you!”

Do you express happiness when someone get something good in life or do you snob them and pretend that you are unaware to their good fortunes? Do you envy them and feel bad to your self and ask God why the hell you don’t get the same graces that their enjoying right now?

Instead of envy or sour grapping why don’t we be happy for them? And tell them that we are?

This is what I did three months ago until today and you know what? It feels good and at the same time the person who’s celebrating feels more better too. God said love your fellowmen and to love is not hard it can be a smile or words like saying to your neighbor “I’m Happy for you!”

Good day and be happy to each one another



Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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