Please all, and you will please none

I believe that most of us before tried to be good in the eyes of every people we know. But people have a different standard on “good” so chances are.. we didn’t satisfy them all.

I love what someone said that…

“Some people do the job that they don’t want in order to buy things they don’t need so they can impress people they hate.”

Maybe some of you still did’nt quit and continusly adjusting their life-style in order to PLEASE THEM ALL but you’ll find out in the end, how matter how hard you try there still someone will say that what you did is not “good enough”

How can I please them all? You may ask!

But the real question is…

Why we need to please them all? Did we ask this to our self before?

Is it because for the sake of GOOD OPINION OF OTHERS?

Did you know that opinion of others is not necessarily who you are? Instead their judgements is the representation of their own belief system (not you). So it means when they said they don’t want your style its not necessarily they reject YOU what it only means is that both of you are different, simply as that, which is very common to this world. Not everybody wants Levis jeans or coffe in star bucks some people want to wear cargo pants and prepared to sip herbal tea instead.

Of course theres nothing wrong if we try to please all but the danger here is that when you forget to please your self first. Remember that “You cannot give away what you don’t have” pleasing others without pleasing your self first is like a suicide for me. Its like letting other parents to borrow your money so that they can send their kids to school while  you let your own son/dauther to skip school! that’s rediculouse right?

Don’t be confuse on the word SACRIFICE to SUICIDE.

SACRIFICE; voluntary surrendering something for the better

SUICIDE; intentionally killing ones self, self destraction.

Chasing the good opinion of others or trying to please all is not impossible but simply CANNOT HAPPEN!  WILL NOT HAPPEN AT ALL! It a damn fucking suicide!

Think of God who are righteous and good but still there are some people said that God is not good enough for them. If that is possible to God what more to you?


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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