Besides on being unloved. One of the most challenging point in our lives is when we don’t know who we are.

I don’t mean when you got amnesia or lose your memories but what I am trying to say here is when you don’t know WHO YOU ARE!

Heres a scenario for example when you are in highschool you are the most popular heartthrob, you got more attention than others, they treat you like a king. Then you go to college and it seems there are many heartthrobs like you or more better than you so you start getting the feeling of being treated equal. You feel that your charm as a king is gone and what only left is being “THE OTHER GUY” or the normal joe. But wait! Still everytime you meet some of your almamaters or schoolmates back in highschool they still have that beliefs that you’re the man! The king! Actually they are proud and thankful that you become their friend,  some of them brag you on their classmates in college and then now you think and asked your self…


THE HEARTHROB OR THE OTHER GUY? And you think over and over again, wrestling the thoughts and facts in your mind who’s who? Which is RIGHT? Who’s ME?

Some people just being passive on this issue, they just ignore it and go to the flow, they just accept what come what may.

Sometimes this works-out but sometimes will not and what I don’t want in this strategy is you have less control on solving the issue. So whats the other strategy? (You may asked) Well here’s the answer…


If you want to remain as a heartthrob, so be it! you know in your heart what you want or who you are, because you choose to become that ideal and not because other said so. Others approval may become tempting like sweets but still in the end of your life the only person who can judge you if you do well or not is nothing but yourself.

Im not promoting conceit or selfishness what I am trying to say here is that before you become love or good to others, make it sure that you are love and good to your self first.

Like what Jesus said LOVE OTHERS AS YOU LOVE YOUR SELF. Your identity is not being kept or owned by other people but your identity is owned by you (only you.)

Decide now and believe, then that will become your truth…





  1. hitokirihoshi ay nagsasabing:

    for me identity crisis is when the time you are confuse with your behavior and principles.
    it happens especially during puberty period. hindi mo alam kung magbibinata/magdadala ka na ba or bata ka pa.
    then gusto mong i-follow yung tingin mong cool pero hindi mo alam kung tama.

    i think its normal to go through identity crisis in some point of your life. lucky na yong hindi because they have healthy environment and family. kaya naman , importante ang guidance ng parents at tamang kabarkada sa ganitong stage. kasi kung may mali, hindi maka-cope yung tao. in the end, they turn into someone na hindi naman nila wish na maging.

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