Everybody wants to change something in their lives but most of us are so busy pointing-out the excuses rather than finding way to make it work.

If not we are waiting or seeking for signs and symbols hoping that this will give us an idea how can we change for the better.

 But the truth is that we don’t need any signs and symbol to know what we really want or how to change what we want to become in life. 

The first step in order to change is to make DECISION. 

Once you feel the need of changes, that’s it! 

Some of us are not buying the idea of deciding by themselves instead they want to go by the flow because they are worried that if the idea will not work-out they don’t want to be blamed alone and there will be no other guy they can pass the blame. (The thing is you cannot blame anyone on who you are now.) 

Truly that having a signs and symbol back-up by decision is encouraging, meaningful and impactful most of the time. But we must be matured enough to accept that we can be who we want to be in life, not BY LUCK because of accidental symbols and signs that pop-up in our head but its BY COMMITED DECISION BACKED-UP BY ACTION.

Asked any people who change their lifestyle to tell their story to you and you will hear that they have common to each others story and that is the day they DECIDE. Whether that is one of the worst day or the joyous day in their life, the point is that very day they make a clear cut DECISION TO CHANGE. 

Yes I know its scary to make big decision in life. And you witness that some people had a hard time when they make faulty decision but the good thing here is that they LEARN. 

The more you make decision the more you become good at it. There are two source of learning how to make good decision its either you learn from your own mistakes or others mistakes. 

If you don’t decide for your self, other may do it for you…

So for me its better to do it for your self…



Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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