Pansin ko lang sa panahon ngayon dumadami na yung mga naghahangad na maging ENTERTAINER kesa sa maging ARTIST. Pero teka ano ba kaibahan ng ARTIST sa ENTERTAINER? Well simply to say Entertainer’s role is to please their crowd, whatever it is, patawanin, paiyakin or pahangain as long na nasisiyahan sila your doing your thing right. ARTIST are those who express their selves thru creative ways, be it writing, dancing, singing, martial arts, speaking or preaching as long your doing your thing because you feel that when your doing this (singing, dancing etc) your being your self well if that so, you’re an artist. You might ask me

“so yung pagluluto pala or yung pagkahilig ko sa pagkain at pagiging mahilig sa damit means I am an artist? Kasi when I am doing this I feel like I am living life”

I say YES! YOU ARE! Actually all of us born as an artist, nobody don’t, I believe one of the meaning of art is being yourself that you consciously choose and expressing it thru something, like what I said maybe thru dancing, singing, writing etc.

Kaya lang media today seems mislead the real meaning of being an ARTIST! Instead they confuse people about being an artist to being a entertainer, media today shows that being entertainer is a way to go while being an artist is just an average joe.


Theres nothing wrong to earn money by doing something you really love like singing, acting or dancing etc. Theres nothing wrong to become an entertainer what I would like to highlight here is that the isyu of “Identity Crisis” kasi some folks that I saw in some talent shows especially those who get rejected might have a false impression that they are not an artist anymore because someone just told them that they don’t want what they did or they didn’t get the meaning of what they did. If that what they think or what you think, I say your dead wrong!

Being rejected by someone doesn’t mean your also terminated as an artist. Kahit sino at kahit gaanong karami pa ang mag-sabi ng “NO” sa iyo or to what you did that’s still not enough to say that your no artist anymore. Because the only opinion that matter to a REAL ARTIST is the opinion that coming from himself, because your doing what your doing because of your self satisfaction, your singing not because you want someone\s approval, you sing because you want to express the feeling that you have inside by using that song, so singing and being heard is already a big thing to you. Yun naman ang kaibagan rin ng pagiging entertainer, they always focus on others opinion because like what I said their role is to entertain, that’s why the HURADO’S opinion is gold for them while for the true artist those comments is just common as praise because for them having the oppurtunity to perform is same as winning the competition already.

There’s also nothing wrong to become both! entertainer and artist you just be clear to your self where you will become at a time and avoid confusing your self. Because sometimes this is a cause of mental block especially if you want to create new projects, because entertainer and artist mentality is totally having different point of view just like being a Boy and Man.

My FACTS OF LIFE POINT here is this. HURADO’S comment on to you has nothing to do on who you are or who you think who you are. Its just their opinion that they get from their poor observation. To those aspiring muscian, rapper, dancer or whatever who signed-up for some talent tv show competition, set this in your mind that you’re an artist and having oppurtunity to be watched on international or national TV is already wiining on the competition so do your thing all the best you can and if ever something gone wrong let say the judges didn’t get what you did or fed-up on song title, if they reject you just think like the beatles who was booed by panel judges or like Elvis Presly who has been told that he should better get some blue collar job. But now where they are? Well yes Elvis is dead and John Lenon as well but even though their gone, their still alive thru their art.

So the only person who can only say about your performance fairly is nothing but your self.

Good Luck!


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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