I just want to share some insight that I develop from the years I had being an employee

Every time there’s someone who become promoted or exhale on the field their doing most of the people goanna say is that

His/Her been where he/she right now because of ‘HARD WORK!”

When I was young like 9 years old when I hear the word “HARD WORK” there is something inside of me disagree on this advice… I don’t know why but I have the strong feeling there’s some missing link on this subject and now I can say I found that missing link which I will share to you in this article.

Yes! Correct! Hard work is necessary… you are sometimes or most of the time required to do your thing twice or thrice better than how others doing,

Yes! Correct! Hard work is necessary sometimes you need to be patient by accepting a salary that you know its smaller because your doing a double time responsibility

Yes! Correct! Hard work is necessary you must persist like what Og Mandino said.

But may I ask you right now, do you think this is not common? Do you think now a days those people who had two, three or four jobs or big responsibility but receiving small salary are hard to find? Many people are already in this situation. Many people doing their thing thrice better than others and talking about persistence I doubt if they don’t, cause most of them if they don’t become persistent they’ll die on starvation.

So what is little bit more appropriate word to use why other didn’t enjoy their growth in life? Be it financially, emotionally or spiritually.

Just like what I said it is because the missing link is LOVE…

How come?

Let me use a short verse from Holy Bible at Corinthians 13:8 it said there that


Why? Everybody is working hard, you might say “really?” And I’ll answer that in some other ways yes! they do but the thing on hard work is this…

We must be aware to know what empowers our HARDWORK. In general hard work are being empower by this two kind of energy they are EGO and LOVE

And the reason why there is true happy fulfilled people while there are some enjoying the faux happiness of success or living striving while others are content in life is because of this…

If you do your job, hobby, art or whatever it is for the sake of COMPETITION or for the means of SURVIVAL (only) which this is all connected to EGO and expecting fruits of love, your just like a traveler who’s heading North but he/she wanted to go on Philippine Island which is located on Far east. Means your barking on the wrong tree or you expect to have apple but your searching on orange tree. Never in my life I saw someone became truly happy, peaceful or fulfilled because he/she did it thru the means of competition or survival attitude instead all what you’ll get is worry, fear and stress etc… yeah some people win the game of competition but in the end of the day did they get what they really want? The Peace, Contentment and Love? I am confident that they don’t…

While if your HARDWORK is connected on LOVE nobody loss or lost in this way of living. I’m not talking about romantic love, the love that I am saying here is a desire to do good deeds, and intention to grow personally, socially and spiritually. From this connection for sure whatever your title is, wherever you are or whoever you are, you’ll not just going to be in the place of peace, contentment and love but instead you will BECOME peace, contentment and LOVE.

So the next time you see someone promoted or got a big break instead of accepting the advice of HARD WORK thing… ask them what is their inspiration? Where their motivation is connected? And if you found out they do it for love they are great model to use as reference, but if not… wish them a good luck.


That’s all!


Much of love to all of you!





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