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Well as buena mano of this category  I would like to give a two THUMBS-UP to ROCKYRIVERA.WORDPRESS.COM since 2008 I’m using this to serve my fellow kababayan, kabataan and kapwa tao by sharing my point of views and experience in life.

As I decided to expand this blogsite by adding some area where I know that I am passionate about like book review, movie review and two thumbs up I felt that I am back on the blogo sphere again. As you all know especially to my readerships I been in and out on posting articles, though being an artist writer you should not force your self to write for the sake of crowd appeal but I am also a believer that being an bloger if you really commit to your self that you are a “bloger” you must accept the fact that consistent posting is a big part of your responsibility whether you like it or not.

What I am regretful about is the missed opportunity that I might did to someone’s life positively. But of course as the great sages said “you cannot give away what you don’t have”. I feel that I am not ready or qualified to post articles before because the Rocky who I am by those days is not the Rocky Rivera that I knew when I was posting those top rating articles. Time comes that I mastered some of life’s game and then I’d come to figure out how to calm the storms of my life and here I am again ready to serve. is now heading to its 4th year in bloging world, having a decent views/traffics even though I am not updating it frequently, if my memory serve me right Steve Pavlina said to some of his articles about building a great blog site must give some value to the readers and I would agree to him for that. This site is still alive today not just because I love writing or getting others attention but I know that it gives value to other people and the same way it gives value to me, in the sense of emotional, mental and spiritual. Many blogers already earning money from their site, honestly this days I am thinking about that but if I do that I would like to do it something like what Steve Pavlina doing it in his blogsite.

Being a blogger is like being a actor, news caster, host and at the same time the manager/director of your own movie or channel station, you’re the one who’s on charge to visuals, contents and everything. To some people this looks lots of work but this kind of thing like acting, news casting, hosting or managing some station is not driven by their survival needs, not just because they doing this to earn money so they can have some food on their plate, not just because they want to do something to earn money, they do this things because they want it, they have the passion and most of all they LOVE IT!

Every consistent or dedicated blogger you know will tell you that this hobby change their life some how, not just because of popularity but most of all about having an opportunity to serve some value to someone that they might not really know personally and at least in their demise they can say that in their life they did something great.

So to all dedicated blogers like me, to my readerships and to ROCKYRIVERA.WORDPRESS.COM again I give TWO THUMBS UP!

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