My generation is the generation of preparation.1 year in kinder garden, 6 years in elementary, 4 years in high school and yes another 4 years in college while others spend 5 to 10 years…

Then we will land to the corporate world and dive-in to 8 hours work a day, same paycheck a month and limited vacation a year. Another phase of preparation for your retirement.

Why do we do this all sort of preparation? Why we don’t just jump in and do what we want to do and let thing happen?

Well the right word might be


This is the man today…

Living the life of conformity and blending-in to the social flow.

We are condition to fear the future and expect the worst so in order to avoid that, we must work like a cow at present for future survival. But do you know that after all you reach your target, let say you save enough money for retirement or  enough money for your Childs educational plan there will be another question you need to answer.

What is that question?

The question is…

How to have life?

As per some studies the death rate of people who retire are higher rather than people who continually working. It is because most people unconsciously consider their job as a symbol of them while some who already quit job they thought their purpose is done because their old. But who said your done when your old? That’s just a negative social joke, Kernel Sanders the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken also start on what they called old age.

To people who’s been in this situation I know and I know you know that it aint over until its over. And to those people who realize that they are doing this same path, remember to priority LIVING instead of GETTING because when you LIVE life you are able to GET but if you do it in other way around make it sure that you are REALLY well prepared.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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