“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you (Matthew 7:12).”

One of the spiritual commandment that I heard and hard for me to do before is the

“DO NOT JUDGE” part.

I tried to avoid doing it but I catch my self judging others the way they do their thing or the way they react to something etc. especially if it comes to the point that the other person is doing the opposite of what you believe in. Its hard to avoid judging others, its like an addiction.

But I discover that people meant to be good. Though maybe their doing something that is really not good but then I believe their doing it by that time because at that moment that’s the only reference available they have to do what is good on that situation, simply to say


Every time I see someone doing something that I know they must not doing it that way instead of being disappointed or judgmental I just say to my self hmmm HE JUST DON’T KNOW maybe simply as that.

If you see someone who wearing a awkward combination of dress, pants or cloths instead of being judgmental just say hmmm… He/She just don’t know

If you fortunately find someone prioritize money instead of family instead of giving him a doctrinal lesson and feel pity to him/her just say hmmm… HE JUST DON’T KNOW

If you ever knew someone who’s spending his life in stupid ways instead of trying hard to change him and feel exhausted in the end of the day then found out that your effort is just useless. Instead of doing that just say HE JUST DON’T KNOW

Its nice to offer your help, and I believe whatever kind of religion, spiritual or principle beliefs you have, helping others is a great job but it doesn’t mean that you will forcedly change everybody’s belief as per your own set of beliefs, like what I said there are people who are religious, spiritual, principle centered etc. that means we all have our own comfort zones, some are comfortable on being religious, principle centered or spiritual.

Sometimes people just need someone that will let them what they want to be in that moment, we don’t always need someone who will mold us or change us.

Where not robots or cellphone that need to be calibrated all the time, we have our own ways to do our things, we have the freedom of choice that’s why we are called humans.

Which is I think some people still JUST DON’T KNOW… about that…




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