Ang artikulong ito ay nais palawakin ang pagpapaliwanag patungkol sa tunay na layunin ng HIP-HOP.

Isinusulong ng HIP-HOP ang Kapayapaan, Pag-kakaisa, Pag-aaliw sa buhay at Pag-ibig.

Others that will contradict on Peace, Unity, Having Fun and Love is clearly not Hip-Hop.


Killing is not Hip-Hop

Dissing is not Hip-Hop

Gangster is not Hip-Hop

Vandalism is not Hip-Hop

Being in Drugs is not Hip-Hop

Having crew that bullying others is not Hip-Hop

Playing your stereo system and disturbing your neighbours is not Hip-Hop

Money, Jewels and Cool ride is not Hip-Hop

Having bunch of Hoe’s and bitches is not Hip-Hop

Cheating in any means is not Hip-Hop


The above list are just few misconceptions where today’s mainstream media telling us about what being a Hip-Hop is.

Hip-Hop is seeker of truth and implementing it

Hip-Hop is PRO-Life

Hip-Hop is Positive vibes

Hip-Hop is implementing equality

Hip-Hop is PRO-Mother Earth

Hip-Hop is Art

Hip-Hop is Simplicity

Hip-Hop is PRO Growth

Hip-Hop is empowering higher Consciousness

Hip-Hop is pursuing Changes together with PROGRESS

Hip-Hop is PRO God

Hip-Hop is Having Fun

Hip-Hop is Peace

Hip-Hop is Unity

Hip-Hop is Love

Hip-Hop is Spiritual and the rest is just the details of it.


Ang tunay na layunin ng Hip-Hop ay napaka simple lamang and that is to make this world a better place to live.


Rocky Rivera


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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