It is unfair to yourself that you can perfectly compute the amount of bad things in your life but you did not even try to note down how many good things that always being given to you… the title of this article is some kind of a opinion or a reminder to all of us that life is good, I am aware that we all have stress and problem we need to solve but that aint the reason to fully set our mind into hate.  This aint a reason to stop ourselves to appriciate good quotes, happy photos or a smooth jazz music and a nice meal ☺…

If you see something in your FB news feed, or someone of your colleauges say something or share something that you think its great don’t stop your self to do something to appriciate it… theres no harm doing that, in fact its good for you or should I say to all of us. Because if you appriciate, you make others happy and you make your self happy too… how? Expressing your self is a thereputic act, it release stress and in some way your telling to your self that your not afraid to love. Also in some way you say to your self that you want to be connected to love instead of hate.

Theres a long talk about love but one thing for sure love is good because like what the holy scriptures said (doesent matter what religion is) that love is God and we are all feeling well if we realize that in some point we are connected to God, no surprise because we are all created in the image of him, we are also God like, that’s why God said to us to be in tune to love becausee that’s a connection to be in tune to him…

To begin tuning your self on love start appriciating, thanking and liking…

So now start clicking that Like button  ☚☺


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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