Did you ever wonder why our heart is not located at right side? Well I look that as because LOVE is separately different from being RIGHT. In my personal experience in life I never seen any relationship last by sticking to the “BEING RIGHT” mantra. Not just in romantic relationship but also be it in family, friends, band or teammates. Everybody will and continually will make mistakes in our lives just like our human body we will got our self in some petty accidents like slipping your foot to the wet floor, bump your head or cut your finger and after that what will be the natural respond of our body? Are we going to retaliate and be furious about it? Of course not, what will happen is that we will do the cares the part that was hurt, we will apply some pain relieving cream or put some bandage because we want to heal the damage part right?

Just exactly in life, when someone got his self on trouble or made some mistake putting him/her in pressure of being right wont help, it will only making things worst just like what my team mate said “putting salt in the wound”.

So don’t be confuse in life, if your looking for a RIGHT partner or you want your partner to be in your RIGHT ideal I would say “forget it” because they might never will, and if they did prepare your self that someday you might be disappointed again because err is part of being human and in every err is not going to be resolve of being right but by choosing love.

We all here because of love and if “being right” will be the rule of the thumb nobody will has the chance to live.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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