4 Years in Blogging

Wow! Cant believe it! every year that passing
by knowing that I can still call my self as a
writer or blogger is something that give’s me a
reason to be grateful… I dont know exactly
why but I just feel good about it!
Eto na nga! apat na taon ng tumatakbo ang
blogsite na ito at masasabi ko na “So far! So
Good!” Aug 21 is the date that I can say this
blogsite officially been online to the blogo-
universe from there I never look back. Although
there are times that I slowed down and even
take a break for a long time but then as what I
said to my WHOS ROCKY RIVERA Page that “writing
would be a part of my life” not because we are
bound to write, to fill-up some forms or etc…
but in the sense I do writing in a way to give
value to my fellow men.. to serve you! 🙂

The reason why I created this blogsite is
because of being inspired and been convince
that atleast in these way I can do something
good to others, hoping in this way i can save
lives by sharing my facts and stories in life
and from there I believe I can help others to
form some positive idea that they can use as
their pattern to live a fulfilling and
meaningful life. Thats this blogsite is all

If you will asked me, ano pakiramdam ng my
blogsite na masasabi mong halos aktibo sa loob
ng 4 na taon? I feel very rewarding, pleased
and thankful… Rewarding because in some way I
can say to my self that in this life I am
leaving some marks that brings positive impact
to others, Pleased because I am very sure that
on doing this, i am doing it not because “I
need ” but because I WANT IT! lastly I am very
thankful not just because of the great
appriciations of readers but most of all you
people let me be a part of your life even in a
small way.

Again to all viewers, followers, readers, co-
writers and co-bloggers I’ll never be tired
typing this again and again that from the
bottom of my heart I say SALAMAT NG MARAMING-
MARAMI SA INYO may we all be blessed by our
almighty God…


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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