You need to say I

We all have disappointments in life, be it in career, relationship or business opportunity etc. etc. we all have that kind of regret that is still hunting us once in a while but also many of us are not brave enough to own the accountability of that disappointments.

Instead we pass the blame to others, which is normal to us but not good…

Its easy to reason out and save your self on the muddy blame game but actually in the end of the day you still knew that you actually did something wrong.

Whatever we are today that is because we let that happen in any way around and its hard to say the word “I”

I made a mistake

I blew it up

I waist an very rare opportunity

I also having a hard time to say “I” because it felt that you are sacrificing your self to some mistake that you didn’t do. But the fact is we actually has a cooperation on it. As long we deny the fact that we did not do it we unconsciously unknown that we are fooling our self, being delusional that we are clean and we did nothing wrong, the bad thing here is that you blur your conciseness and awareness that cause you to be a poor decision maker. Avoiding the word “I” I made a mistake or I fuck up will not make you clean, it wont help you grow, actually it is the opposite, it cause a decay in your personality, your mind becomes weak because denial weakens the soul but courage and acceptance strengthen it and it makes it grow.

We need to have a courage to say “I”

“I made it wrong so to that I learn from it and correct it next time” until you master it and make your way to mastery.

Good Day!




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