The most important moment in our life is…

Our waking moments… the time you woke-up in the morning, the time you woke-up from bus stop, the time you woke-up from your power nap, the moment that you just wake-up from your sleep  those important moment in our life…


Because that the opportunity to program yourself to be in a state that you want. Be it happy, grateful or full of hope. Because our mind is fresh and no need to disconnect your focus from unwanted thoughts.

It was been said that what you think is what you become or whatever is that there are many version of that but the point is that our habit of thinking is no doubt had a big contribution how our life looks like today…

Personal experience is that every morning if I focus my mind to something it is naturally the way you perceive the whole day is the way how you look on the first moment you think from your waking moments… of course its possible to change it by conscious thinking and reconditioning but why you need to do that effort if you can avoid being worried, hateful etc. in the morning? Why don’t we start being happy, thankful and/or courageous right from the start when you woke-up?

I read to some books or articles that the most important moment is the time you make a conscious decision to your life or for a change, I agree on that and also to nurture that decision and to make it sure that it will persist, make a decision every time you wake up that you will seize that day by living that decision…




Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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