There are many self-help articles
around the blogo-sphere talking about
“Failure” and if you are a self-help
junkie you know what will be the content
of this article already.

But I’m not going for that, I already
had my piece back then be it tagalog
or english blogs.

What I want to clear it out right
now is to share to the world why
regret is worse than failure.

I know its a common thing to know
but the fact is its not being a common
thing to realize because if it is
i think few people will be doubtful
to their dreams…

I become inspired to write this
because of my expirience last
July 23, where I join a 3 Point Competition
on the Opening day of our Basketball
tournament in our company.

I can say that back in the day I had
my moment gunning from 3 point perimiter
and after a very long vacation (5 years not playing Basketball) on not playing
this game I decided to come back big and
one of my ideal challenge to myself is
to join that competition (the 3 point competition).

The first time people knew that I’ll be joining
the 3 point competition they had this
“Whata f***” reaction, i can understand them because
its surprising to know someone who are just in
the pedestal for almost 5 years and suddenly
build his team join the leauge plus joining the
3 point competition is something heavy for them to take I guess.

Some people doubted my potential, many people
admire my confidence and some being inspired to
my decision.

I did all my best to prepare before that day, I
study again the fundamentals and techniques then apply
it to my practice game, before when I first pick-up
a ball and tried to shoot from three point arc
the results are not quite good but eventually
I improve… like what Micheal Jordan said
“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.”

And yes his right đŸ˜€

The opening day has come and like what I say
I join the 3 point competition and to cut it short
the result is I didn’t win but the result is
not that bad…

If I can remember it right I scored 2 basket for 20 attempts.

I feel bad and disappointed right after my turn. but after a couple of minutes
something inside of me redeem my soul saying nothing to
feel bad about. At least I got 2 others dont even have anything.

I asked my self what is the bad thing to this
experience and the answer I got from my subconscious mind
is the time, effort or money I invested
turn to waste.

Then to be fair I asked myself what is the good thing
about this experience? The answer I got is surprisingly overflowing
first the good thing is that I prove to my self
and to other as well that I am a doer, at least
I still had that fire! the desire to compete!

I prove to my self that I am separated from
those people who just do the talking but never
tried to walk their talk

Another good thing is I learned that being
in a 3 point game the situation is really different
than the actual game thats why some good three pointer in the competition are not really having a good field goal

percentage because in the game the pressure is quite different.

Another good thing is that I think I can now feel what
Michael Jordan said from his quotes or to his commercial that failure gave him strength, I guess failure is necessary to everybody
in order to grow because even on building muscle need to fail, your muscle need to get wounded and then after the healing it will
become stronger.

I got many good insights after that competition,
the pain of failure that I expect to have
didn’t come to me at all in fact what I almost got
are all pleasure… it seems that I didnt
lost the competition at all, even i didnt have
a trophy the lessons that
I learn which is I am sharing to you right now is
more important to me as of these days.

Failure didnt last long maybe Regret will…
I tried to imagine what if I retract my
entry to that 3 point competition and
pass the opportunity to other player in
my team? well if that happen I am sure
until now I am wondering what would be
the result if I am in the game or maybe
I’ll regret by not taking the
oppurtunity because I will be haunted
by Michael Jordan’s Father quote which he said…

“You never know what you can accomplish until you try.”

As what I said I did not won the competition
but there are many positive things that I
gain on

that experience and I think if I didn’t
pursue on this I will never had this gain.

If you dont fail its either you will be in
the shadow of ignorance because of not knowing
your potentials and in the shadow of regret
because we don’t really know if theres another chance

Before I said Regret and Failure are twin brothers
because you will not regret anything if you didn’t fail
but then I realize if I avoid trying for the sake of avoiding failure
then I am good as dead! What is the sense of having life
if I will not dare the world? instead of thinking of risk
I must think of adventure and instead of thinking Failing
I must think of learning…

So then after that I began to change my belief.
If I will be regretful to something its not to the failures
I had but to the opportunities that I truly desire
and I let it slip away because I might disrespect
the essence of living our life.


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