This is just a clarification and explanation as well for my readers, followers and friends who are a bit confused :D.

Especially when they tried to googled my name and search some of my amateur rap song on youtube.

Yes! there is a Female named Rocky Rivera and as per her web site she came from being journalist to Emcee

which we have little in common, our difference is that she is full time EMCEE right now actually she already dropped 4 musical

projects and they are  Married to the Hustle Mixtape (2008), Rocky Rivera (2010), Pop Killer MXTP (2011), Gangster of Love (2013)

Before she turned to EMCEE.. as a journalist her editorials appeared in XXL, The Source and Rolling Stone, but now she is a full time EMCEE as per her website. Check it out in (

Now my difference to her is that I am not a full time writer nor Emcee I am just doing my stuffs and crafts in my part time.

About the “NAME” I am using Rocky Rivera as my Bloggers name and using D-Nobelizt as my EMCEE name. Rocky is my nickname called by people close to me in Solis Tondo and Rivera is my surname while I choose the EMCEE name D-Nobelizt because for me the novelist  is like an old school EMCEE and I misspelled it because as I can remember in dictionary novel or novelist are those who tell a fictional story, I spelled it Nobelizt because as an Emcee (even a part time) I speak what is true and/or what is real.

I am not leaving writing for rapping or blogging for emceeing, its either they will both remain or writing and/blogging will stay

as my priority. I am writing mainly about self-help mainly about truth, love and power. I am writing this blog asap to inform the people who are concern to me. Lastly my difference to (female) Rocky Rivera is her website, she is obviously doing

fulltime you can see in the website while I am still a part timer here in and enjoying it! That’s why it named…

For me all is good I am happy to (female) Rocky Rivera because she seems successful to the career where she is now so I wish her all the best and stay cool


(Male) Rocky Rivera 😎


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