We all have a dream… an ambition
to become somebody or to be in a particular place…

But because of some constructive or distructive
circumstances those dreams and ambition been delayed…

Now the question is are you still willing to
take your dream(s) and put it in to reality?

To some people they doubt…

Because it’s too soon or it is too late…

and I say

What the F@@K!!!

I made a personal principle in life that if you
are able and Fate or God let you become who you want to be
then that’s it! That’s the perfect time to do it!

Life is too broad to see the whole picture of it…
God is too wise to understand…

Im not saying that you ignore life or disrespect God
What I’m suggesting here is that do not pour your whole
lifetime trying to figure out what is life
or to understand why God did it!

Because one thing for sure he did that for one reason… and that’s
for the good!

Dont ask me how or why because all I know and sure about
is that’s for the good of all, because I believe God is Love
and if that so he will not do anything to intend harm
because to harm is not to love therefore that is not God.


As one of my favorite writer in my time Mitch Albom wrote
“It is never too late or too soon.
It is when it is supposed to be.”
-From The book Time Keeper of Mitch Albom


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