This is it! It is confirmed that
in my lifestyle of blogging I can’t commit
on having a regular timeline of posting.

I already did promise to myself and to my readership
that from those period of time I’ll be a regular
poster- But sadly to say I failed.

I asked myself why though I have articles
that I can just post-away every week but I

The issue is not because of the unavailability
of article that I will post but the reason why I’am
holding back is because it feels wrong to just post
something for the sake of being “active” in the cyber world.

I had some unpublished articles kept in my hard-drive that
until now I dont feel that it should be posted, not because
I am waiting to some events in order to relate my article
but I just dont feel its time to be publish.

Sometimes being quite or just idle is necessary
than saying something but half-heartedly saying it
or no worth at all…


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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