It’s nice to say that we dont give a damn of what other might say-
But honestly we do….

Maybe some few of us can minimize the impact
of what others opinion while majority of us are
influence on what the People will say.

This is one of the question that I am contemplating since
I was a kid. Sometimes it’s confusing because some
say’s be yourself while some say’s listen to the
peoples voice!

I am now 31 years old, not too young, not too old and
not bad if I’ll share my view about what to do if the people
say’s something to you.

It’s not bad to listen on People’s voice but following
them is the problem. When the people say’s PEACE! they might
be saying the same word but not the same result. Some people
want peace thru war and some people want to achieve peace without

When someone say “The People” you must ask him/her about
further details…How many are them? What is their status
in terms of financial category? how many male and female
on those People his/her talking about? The reason why
is because the truth is using this word( “The People”) is very
sensitive, its not easy to qualify what PEOPLE are really saying.

Some use the word THE PEOPLE for them to gain attention
or try to have an impact to the viewers. This word for me
is very effective to excite the crowd.

Let me tell you this… in Philippines we have the thinking
that most of our Presidents are choosen by THE PEOPLE meaning
majorirty chooses him, if that’s the case what we
suppose to call on the MINORITY of voters? are they
not THE PEOPLE also? We are using “THE PEOPLE” either
small or in big audience so this makes this topic confusing
which is thats my point…

There’s nothing wrong to feel the vibe of THE PEOPLE
but basing your decision using them as a sole reference
is unwise in my personal opinion… because every
people might say the same word but they have different
stadards why they said that or they had different
reason why they choose the particular choice but like
what I said in the end there’s different stories behind
their choices. Some might had a personal agenda, some might
be a consciouse choice or some just go to the social flow…

You see? so if you will pick or respond to something I suggest
to have other source to base your choice and not only relying
to THE PEOPLES VOICE because if you really want to know what
THE PEOPLE are saying you need to dig-down and not just to


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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