There’s a old famous saying say’s “IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT, FAKE IT” the idea to me is really unacceptable because one of the prior principle in my list is “TRUTH” or being real…

But truthfully sometimes truth is hard, sometimes being plain and transparent remove the spirit of fun… it really depends on what point of situation you are but most of the time truth or what is real is hard to accept but as what the holy scripture’s said the truth might be bitter taste but this will set you free…

It the world of sports like basketball sometimes being straight to your intentions does not always paid well, sometimes you need to use some strategies in order for you to gain space, time and momentum.

All basketball players had the desire to score, everybody can do the lay-ups and jump shots but we cant just simply do it as simple as that because in a real game theres a real defense, where your opponents will try to do everything so you will miss the oppurtunity to score.

Thats why cross over, pivots and “fakes” are improvised and eventually it becomes a part of players tools on making their move to the basket.

In life you need to learn how to get around on yourself, you need to trick it or fake it, mentally or emotionally, if there’s a pain you need to learn how to redirect your attention to others in order to reduce your focus on the mere pain, sometimes we need to do this for us to hold on until the solution to ease the pain finally arrived.

Sometimes I buy the idea of there’s no evil in this world if you
can use it properly, “faking” or fake people are not straight-up evil or bad to our life if this can be use in a proper way. 😉


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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