I watched one of Eminems interview in youtube where
he said

“I will rap until the time that rapping is not fun anymore…”

I believe that we already had the idea what we want to
do in life when we’re a child but due to some inaccurate
informations that was handed to us we began to question
those idea(s)…

I am now 31 years old not too old or either not too young
anymore and on my time I would say the perfect moment
a person to decide what he want to do in life is when he
is in a childhood- Because on that time he/she choose want he
wanted to do in life in a pure heart, not because
of money or fame but just he/she want to have fun or to share
something to the world… Children often choose
dictated by love-

Taking Eminem and Micheal Jordan as an example this people
decided to what they want to do in life in early age.

They do what their doing because they want to do it…
There are no dualism on their mind unlike the average
people like me I do my job in two purpose, first is
obviously I want to earn money and the second reason
is I am still having fun on what I am doing while some
people will say that they hate their job and their just
holding for a little more time and eventually they’ll fly away

People like Mike and Em are people I believe they just
do their thing… Their not counting the hours their
spending to their stuff because the longer they spend
on studio or in gym it gives them pleasure unlike
to those who are not really “into” what their doing
be it in corporate, sports or music industry those
time becomes  a burden to them, because their mind
has dual priority or more than that-( like family, vacation
or some another fun thing to do-)

But if your like Em and Mike your career is your vacation,
your “funtime” and sometimes or often it plays a tag of war
to the time of your family because to this kind of people
what they do is a big part of their Fam.

Same thing I believe in other stuff like blogging…
Some people blog because they want to show-up! Or some
people just because they are earning something from it…

But to some bloggers like me who are randomly posting
but making sure that there’s some quality on it, blogging
is a part of our life-

Reason is because I believe some people just like us
enjoy the pleasure of connecting to random strangers
and in someways we’re hoping or wondering that because of what we blog
their trajectory of life change to positive path.

I can see that SHARING is a nice way to CONNECT to
other people as well to yourself. The more you give
in the way you like the more you feel good about it.

In the end the point is we’re here to share and to receive
doesent matter if your in the world of sports, music industry
or in an some sort of blogsite. Living is giving and you
can persistently give if you love what you do, because you dont
do it for just the others pleasure but you do it on your own
satisfaction too- Well money is good to pay you back but
most of the time money can’t satisfy you in a deep sense and
I am aware that absence of material stuff will bring a problem
too and in the real world both of them cannot be balance
but only you can harmonize. In the end we will choose the path of
giving because we enjoy the process of sharing rather than getting…

Good Night!


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