The trap of being positive thinker

Sounds cool if your a kind of
guy who seems like no problem at all
or even if there’s a problem you
are able to find the solution
or just one handedly solve it!

The mindset of a so called “Positive Thinker”
is obviously “Positive” sometimes
they are labeled as “Pollyanna” meaning

Pollyanna “A person regarded as being foolishly or blindly optimistic.”

For me there’s nothing wrong to be Pollyanna
or Positive Thinker but not to the point
that we are ignoring the truth.

I’m not saying from acknowledging the problem
or looking only the bright side of the situation
is the right way to know the truth. Sometimes
focusing too much to problems leave us exhausted
and had no more energy to improvise a solution. Same
thing on focusing too much on the bright side
we become unrealistic to our expectations.

In order to avoid falling into trap of
Positive thinker is “Harmony” I would say
balance but in my experience nobody
consistently did that, but what they really master is
learning to harmoniously combine their resources.

We must learn in our
own how we can harmoniously use the power
of negative and positive thinking.
Most likely
you’ll take lots of time failing before finding
the right tune for you but there’s nothing wrong
on that. At least you’ll not break your head
asking which side you should lean on, is it
on optimistic or pessimistic side because for me
you need them both and learning to use them harmoniously
will make you a highly effective person.


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