Failing is a need


I think we all need to fail not just onece but it should be

part of ourlives.

Question is this: when the person become a failure?

once he “accept” it!

the truth is we are all failure in some point of ourlives

doesent matter your economical status or what level you reached

in your career. Even Michael Jordan fails and that’s what make

many people loved him… because we can relate to what he said

that failure is a big part of success.

I say that in every successful attempt we did… there are some

moment on that execution where we fail. let say for example on

shooting the ball… maybe on your first throw the ball goes in

the basket but the form you did while shooting the ball is

incorrect and on that part you fail on performing the correct

form but at the same time you suceed to make the ball goes in

the basket. You might argue that result matters most but going

further having a correct form will not just produce good result

but also multiply the success and make your effort efficient.

Its kinda complicated if we will go forward discussing this but

my point is already explained… You gain and you lose, You win

and you fail not just sometimes but all the time and I mean in

every single attempt there are part of there where you fail,

lose, gain and win.

In a game if someone win by score there are part of them fail

too… maybe the friendship, trust, contract etc. and those who

loss on score might win something too probably its integrity,

values, self-control etc.

I’m not saying this to make someone convince to be content on

lossing nor saying failing is bad or good. My main point that I

am trying to emboss is that failing is part of our life and it

will cause death to someone if we will retract expiriencing

failure in our lives.

In sports, particularly on boxing, We are so excited to “zero

loss” record some envy it while someone despise it. I dont have

problem on zero loss my concern to the handler of those record

is for them to be invulnerable because their too cautios on

protecting their record instead of being carried away by

curiosity of putting their skill trialed by other competitors.

Due to the stereotypical thinking that “zero loss” is good we

defeat the true purpose of sports which is to enjoy the

expirience of competing. Sports is just all that… to have

fun, if you had fun! Winning or lossing doesent matter much, i

been competing for two years with the basketball team I build

and we didnt win much but we enjoy a lot and for that I am


I guess in life its pretty the same thing. We must enjoy living

and have fun of it. Our achievements are secondary whats

important is your enjoy living.


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