Okay… I agree on the saying
that “timing” is everything but
it’s also true that a good decision
making was learned from the number of
bad decision making.

I mean we all know that nobody
knows when is “the right time”
not until we “try” and get the result.

So far in my experience waiting for
the right time is same as procrastination or
just spoiling your opportunities and/ or resources.

You need to give a push to yourself
or risk a little bit rather than
waiting in vain.

On several attempts mostly you’ll suck
but eventually you will learn how
to tune-up your rhythm and be right
on track…

There are difference on strategic delay
compare to purposely delaying the plan. There are huge
difference on someone who had an intention
to do something than to someone who really
had no idea to do something.

Saying that never wait for the right moment
might sounds like being impatient but sometimes
the word patience is being used to mask the
procrastination or laziness…

Overall the impatient is a bit favorable for me
because he might waist the opportunity
but at least he’ll know it in early times rather
to someone who waits and delaying his rejection…

If I’ll fail I want to happen it asap so I can
move on asap! Like what they say time is gold
so why delay the pain? Eventually you’ll taste
the pleasure.

Never wait for the right time, because the right
time will come whether your idle or in daily grind.

I prefer daily grind because for me being an artist
idleness is like next to death.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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